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Participation Project Resources

Crossing the River - Building Bridges to Encourage  Participation in the artsJoin the Email Discussion

We invite you to join our email discussion about building participation in the arts. It is called INNOVATE and is hosted by the service Topica. To join, send an email to: innovate-subscribe@topica.com. You'll receive a confirmation email which you must respond to in order to complete the process. You may unsubscribe at any time. The Arts Commission will not use your email address in any other way.

Participation Resources

Note: Many of these resources are in PDF (Portable Document Format).

The Value of the Performing Arts in Five Communities (PDF)
The results of an important new study show contrary to some reports, age is not a factor in determining the makeup of the performing arts audience.

Motivations Matter (PDF)
Findings and Practical Implications of a National Survey of Cultural Participation; a new report by The Urban Institute and the Wallace Foundation

Gifts of the Muse: Reframing the Debate About the Benefits of the Arts

Wallace Foundation Knowledge Center Arts Participation 

Classical Music Consumer Segmentation Study
An analysis of how Americans relate to classical music and their local orchestras

A New Framework for Building Participation in the Arts
A study designed and conducted by RAND for the Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds, examines what influences people's decisions to participate in the arts.

Reggae to Rachmaninoff
How and Why People Participate in Arts and Culture

Engage Now! (PDF) 
An Arts Worker's Guide to Deepening Experience and Strengthening Participation in the Arts  - by Jerry Yoshitomi

National Endowment for the Arts publications:

Demographics Sources

The Role of Community-Based Creative Enterprises in Montana's Economy

Take Part! Building Diversity in Arts Participation 

A Learning-Based Approach to Leading Change
Five case studies on the successes and failures of organizational learning

Yankelovich MONITOR
Thinking Ahead 

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
Excerpts from the book


Logic Modeling and Evaluation Resources:

The Wallace Foundation
This initiative is funded in part by the Wallace-Readers Digest Funds whose objective is to help state arts agencies develop practices and services that encourage broader and deeper public participation in the arts.

For more information about the Statewide Arts Participation Initiative, please contact Susan DuPlessis (803-734-8693).