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ABC Advancement (ABC) Grants

Grant Information

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Application Deadline

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To support schools and school districts committed to implementing standards-based arts curricula and to making the arts an integral part of the basic curriculum and daily classroom instruction

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Who's Eligible
S.C. schools and school districts with a 5-year strategic arts plan and an arts steering committee

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Up to $15,000 per year per single school; up to $25,000 per year for a school district

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Grant Period

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Matching Requirement
2:1 (grantee:SCAC)

The following information is for reference only.

The guidelines and application for the next round of funding will be available in mid-November 2019 for the upcoming January 15 deadline.

About This Grant

Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Advancement grants are available to sites that have a school board-approved 5-Year Strategic Plan for including all five art forms in their school day curriculum, and may support ongoing comprehensive planning, strategic projects and implementation of standards-based arts education initiatives, including but not limited to artist residencies.

ABC Advancement grantees are known as ABC sites, and are expected to send representatives to meet with colleagues from other current and former sites for professional development days during the school year. As of Fall 2018, there are 84 ABC sites in South Carolina, some of which have been sites since the project’s inception.

The ABC sites are part of the larger ABC Project, which is overseen by a steering committee of approximately 50 members including artists, educators, school administrators, representatives of higher education, business leaders and governmental representatives.

Among ABC Project programs and activities that support the efforts of ABC sites are 14 summer institutes for educators, including the Curriculum Leadership Institute in the Arts (CLIA), a summer arts leadership program for arts educators; the Arts Education Leadership Institute (AELI), an intensive summer planning program for school and school district teams; the SC Center for Dance Education at Columbia College; and an expanding statewide outreach program.

To learn about the steps for becoming an ABC site, visit The ABC Project’s website.

After You Apply

The initial staff review of applications focuses on eligibility, conformity to guidelines, accuracy and detail of budget, clarity of narrative, completeness of packet, compliance with grant requirements, and confirmation of required support materials. A panel reviews and rates grant applications on the basis of specific criteria listed in the guidelines.

Review Criteria
  • Teachers qualified to deliver quality, standards-based arts curriculum – 24%
  • A standards-based arts curriculum – 24%
  • School or district policies and procedures supportive of arts education – 24%
  • Five-year strategic arts plan designed to be a living document with yearly updating, possible redesign and evaluation – 28%
Panel Review

The panel review is scheduled for March 15, 2019. Applicants will be contacted by email with information about the panel meeting, including the review schedule. Attendance is encouraged, but not required. An applicant’s recorded panel comments are available upon request.

Funding Decisions

Grant award recommendations based on evaluation scores and availability of funds are presented to the S.C. Arts Commission Board of Directors for funding decisions.  FY20 tentative award notification is expected in late April/early May 2019 (after the April board meeting), with the FY20 awards finalized in late June/early July 2019 (after the June board meeting, pending completion of the state budget process).

If your application is approved, you will receive notification via email, followed by instructions on how to manage your grant through the online system.  Your school and/or district will enter into a contractual agreement with the S.C. Arts Commission, and you must comply with all requirements stated in that contract.

If your grant activities cannot be carried out as proposed, contact your coordinator for prior approval.

Grant Period

July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 (fiscal year)

Grant Payments

Payment will be on an expense reimbursement basis only. Grantees may request a maximum of two interim payments during the fiscal year, totaling no more than 80% of the grant award. Final grant payment will be released upon receipt and approval of the grantee’s Final Report.

Final Report

ALL GRANTEES are required to file a Final Report at the end of the grant period. The Final Report Due Date is printed on your contract. Failure to submit an accurate and complete Final Report by the due date will result in cancellation of the award and repayment of any funds received. The S.C. Arts Commission will not fund applicants who have outstanding Final Reports.


If you are seeking advisement before submitting an application, please visit our Staff page for the appropriate program contact. If you have submitted an application, and/or you have a current grant, please contact the Grants Office ( | 803.734.8695).