Grant Management Instructions

Two people reviewing a contract

To: S.C. Arts Commission (SCAC) Grantees
From: The SCAC Grants Office

Congratulations on your recently-awarded grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission! We look forward to supporting your upcoming work.

The information on this web page will provide important guidance on how to manage your SCAC grant in our online system, so please read it thoroughly when your contract is issued and refer to it throughout your grant period. (We suggest you bookmark this web page for future reference. There is also a link in the menu of every Grants page on our website.)

By accepting a grant from the SCAC, you are entering into a legally binding contract with the State of South Carolina with certain requirements and obligations. We are providing you with information and tools to meet those obligations.

SCAC grants are managed through our Grants portal. We highly recommend reviewing the frequently asked questions and other helpful information on our Grants Portal FAQ web page. You may also refer to the grant guidelines for the specific requirements of your grant program.

Your Grants Management Checklist

As part of your grant agreement, you are required to complete all the items in the checklist below (explanations of each item follow).

Failure to complete any of these items may result in delays, and/or cancellation of this grant award, and/or assessment of a penalty of 15% on your next grant award, and/or withholding future grant contracts until your current grant requirements are resolved.

For grantees using a Fiscal Receiver: Your Fiscal Receiver is the Contractor on record, but you, the Benefiting Organization, are responsible for ensuring grant compliance. (Note: For schools that are part of a school district, the district is your Fiscal Receiver.)

Thank you for your efforts to make your community and state places where the arts thrive and benefit all South Carolinians. We look forward to contributing to the success of your funded activities.