Gov. Henry McMaster issued Executive Order 2022-19 on July 1, 2022 directing state agencies to disclose, online, detailed information about the entities who receive earmarked appropriations from the General Appropriations Act each fiscal year.

Executive Order 2022-19 requires these agencies:

  • to disclose how the public funds are spent,
  • prohibits the practice of providing funds in advance to legislators for personal delivery,
  • and requires additional measures designed to increase state government transparency and accountability.

Earmarked appropriations that pass through the SCAC are listed below. Documents are posted as they are submitted to the SCAC.

FY 2022/2023
House Projects Project Amount
Gibbes Museum of Art $1,300,000 Documentation
Southside Cultural Monument – Spartanburg County Foundation $300,000 Documentation
Camden Colonial Arts – Historic Camden Foundation $300,000 Documentation
Senate Projects
Hartsville Center Theatre $500,000 Documentation
Theatre of the Republic $97,900 Documentation


Additional documentation will be added as it becomes available. If you have specific questions about an earmark, we encourage you to contact the entity receiving the earmarked appropriations directly.

Page updated 22 March 2023, 09:04 ET.