South Carolina Arts Commission

General Operating Support (GOS) Grants

Grant Information

Application Deadline

The application deadline for FY23 funding has passed.

To help strengthen arts organizations that bring ongoing arts experiences and services to individuals, communities, and other organizations throughout the state.

Who's Eligible
SC nonprofit arts organizations and units of government, who either have a primary mission focused on the arts or serve as the primary arts provider in their community

No pre-set range

Grant Period
July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023

Matching Requirement
3:1 (grantee:SCAC)

Important Updates

GOS Grantee Groups

Current General Operating Support (GOS) grantees have been split into three groups, to reapply once every three years. If you are a current GOS grantee and do not know your Group number, please contact the Grants Team ( | 803.734.8695).

FY22 Operating Support Grants

Due to limited funds, SCAC is not accepting new applications for FY22 operating support grants.

All FY21 GOS grantees will be issued contracts for FY22 upon approval of their FY21 Final Report.

FY23 Operating Support Grants

These guidelines are for use by eligible applicants for FY23 funding.

FY22 Operating Support Grantees

  • FY22 grantees in GOS Group 1 may apply for a new funding cycle using the application available July 1, 2021, due no later than September 15, 2021 December 13, 2021 (deadline extended).
    • Note: Your FY21 Final Report deadline is still September 15, 2021.
  • FY22 grantees in GOS Groups 2 and 3 will continue their existing funding cycle in FY23. An FY23 grant contract will be issued upon approval of the grantee’s FY22 Final Report, due in August 2022.
New Applicants
  • Organizations who are not FY22 operating support grantees may apply for FY23 operating support funding. The application will be available November 1, 2021; the submission deadline is December 13, 2021.

Note: There will also be a Grants Coaching session specifically for new operating support applicants, offered near the beginning of that application period (November 1, 2021). Details and registration information will be posted on these guidelines, as well as on our Grants Coaching web page, closer to that date.

About This Grant


The purpose of this South Carolina Arts Commission (SCAC) grant is to help strengthen arts organizations that bring ongoing arts experiences and services to individuals, communities, and other organizations throughout the state.

The grant provides three years of unrestricted support for basic operations for applicants ranging from emerging to established arts organizations with primary missions involving these artistic functions: producing, service, presenting, and/or education.

Arts councils may also submit a separate application for subgranting of additional SCAC funds to local applicants.

How to Apply

You are urged to consider the Review Criteria (detailed in the “Review Process” section of these guidelines, under “After You Apply”) as you prepare your application materials. These criteria will be used to evaluate your application and determine the funding of your proposal.

Applications are accepted through our grants portal, which uses the Foundant platform. For frequently asked questions, registration instructions, and other helpful information, we highly recommend visiting the Grants Portal FAQbefore you begin working in the system.

The initial application will take time to complete, so we strongly advise you to begin well in advance of the deadline. The online application is opened each year at least one month in advance for the upcoming deadline.

Application Preview

(Available to FY22 GOS Group 1 grantees July 1, 2021; and to new applicants November 1, 2021.)

Not quite ready to apply? You can preview the application before you create an account or start an application.

After You Apply

  • If you are seeking advisement before submitting an application, please contact La Ruchala Murphy (803.734.8762 |, Arts Industry Director.
  • If you have submitted an application, and/or you have a current grant, please contact the Grants Team ( | 803.734.8695).
Grants Coaching

We also highly recommend a visit to our Grants Coaching webpage, for

Missed a group call or session? Look for the “Video” link to access a recording of that presentation.