Support for successful, sustainable arts-based business initiatives

Artists’ Business Initiative is a grant and a program dedicated to helping #SCartists develop the knowledge and skills to build satisfying, sustainable careers.

Responding to input from artists across the state about their key concerns, the ABI offers:

  • Financial support for arts-based businesses
    • Use as start-up support to launch an arts-based business initiative (or significantly alter an existing initiative) that will operate in an ongoing manner.
    • Or, use it to execute a temporary initiative (a one-time occurrence or single purchase) that will provide career satisfaction and sustainability.
    • A one-time occurrence/single purchase may be awarded up to $3,500. An ongoing business venture may be awarded up to $5,000.
  • Business training
    • ABI connects artists to affordable training options that support their development as entrepreneurs and profitable business people.

See how current and recent grantees are using ABI below.


Applications for FY25 awards will open in spring 2024.

ABI was known as Artists’ Ventures Initiative until FY23.

FY24 Grantees

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If you are seeking more program information, please contact Artist Development Director Tanisha N. Brown (803.734.8043 |