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Accessibility (ACA) Grants

Grant Information

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Application Deadline

We have suspended taking applications for this program until the FY2021 state budget is finalized in Fall 2020.

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To help South Carolina organizations make arts programs and existing facilities accessible to persons with disabilities

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Who's Eligible
Non-profit organizations, units of government, and designated S.C. Department of Disabilities & Special Needs boards

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Up to $2,500

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Grant Period
This grant category is temporarily suspended.

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Matching Requirement
1:1 (applicant:SCAC)

About This Grant


Accessibility (ACA) Grants are designed to help South Carolina organizations make arts programs and existing facilities accessible to persons with disabilities.

  1. The applicant must be either:
    • a designated South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs board,
    • a S.C. organization that
      • has a primary mission focused on the arts, or
      • serves as the primary arts provider in its community, or
      • will commit to a project that connects the arts to persons who have disabilities.

      Note: A S.C. organization is one that reflects S.C. as its primary address on all current official organizational documents.

  1. The applicant must also be either:
    • a unit of government,
    • a charitable organization currently registered with the Office of the Secretary of State that either
      • has its own federal tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service, or
      • is applying through a tax exempt Fiscal Agent/Receiver organization.
  2. In accordance with federal government policy, all organizations – including (but not limited to) private schools, government entities, public school districts, and nonprofit organizations – must provide a valid DUNS number to receive an SCAC grant award.


    If a grantee is using a fiscal agent/receiver, separate DUNS numbers must be provided for both the applicant organization and the fiscal agent/receiver.

  • Applicants are limited to one grant award per fiscal year.
  • Funds for capital improvements (“bricks and mortar”) are limited to renovations to existing facilities.
    • Capital improvement projects must meet all local and state building codes.
    • If the existing facility is on The National Register of Historic Places or deemed eligible, all work must conform with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

Grants awards may reimburse the applicant for any combination of qualifying expenses incurred during the grant period. Projects may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Usage of large print interpretative and program materials
  • Artist/consultant fees
  • Transportation of constituents or performers with disabilities
  • Preparation for special exhibitions
  • Audio description
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Website accessibility
  • Docent training for visual or audio enhancement
  • Consultant fee to develop an overall accessibility plan for your organization
  • Inclusive programming
  • Staff training (i.e. travel to a workshop and/or training)
  • Other accommodations that make programs accessible
  • Curb cuts
  • Construction of accessibility ramp(s)
  • Accessibility signage for exterior and/or interior space
  • Modification of restroom(s)
  • Modification to drinking fountain(s)
  • Installation of elevator
  • Installation of electronic door opener
  • Installation of Braille plaques
  • Hearing assistance/enhancement
  • Architectural or engineering study to address accessibility of existing facility
  • Capital improvements (“bricks and mortar”) of existing facilities (see Restrictions section)
  • Design development and construction documents that address the proposed accessibility project
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Other accommodations that make facilities accessible
Funds may not be used for
  • New construction (new buildings must comply with current ADA requirements)
  • Cosmetic work such as interior painting and furnishings
  • Actual building construction costs other than costs associated with accessibility
  • Consultant fees for facilities fundraising

We have suspended taking applications for this program until the FY2021 state budget is finalized in Fall 2020.

Grant Period

All projects must be implemented between July 1 and June 1. If your proposed project is scheduled to end after June 1, please contact the Grants Office ( | 803.734.8695) before applying.


Up to $2,500

Matching Requirements

1:1 (applicant:SCAC)

At least 50% of the applicant’s match must be cash.

Funds from another S.C. Arts Commission grant may not be used as matching funds.

How to Apply

ACA grants are managed in our online grants management system, from application, to approval and contracts, through payments and final reports.

Our online grants are managed using the Foundant platform. For frequently asked questions, registration instructions, and other helpful information, we highly recommend you visit the Foundant FAQbefore you begin working in the system.

To apply for an ACA grant, the applicant must have an active account in our online grants management system.

  1. Click the “Apply” link below. The online grants management system will open in a new browser tab or window.
  2. Log on, then click the “Apply” link at the top of your Applicant Dashboard.
  3. Find “Accessibility (ACA) Grants” in the list of available grant applications, and click the “Apply” button to the far right.

Not quite ready to apply? You can preview the application before you create an account or start an application.

After You Apply

The initial staff review of applications focuses on eligibility, accuracy and detail of budget, inclusion of a well-written narrative, completeness of submission, compliance with grant requirements, and confirmation of required support materials. (Please be aware that evaluators may also visit your website.) S.C. Arts Commission staff will evaluate grant applications, and final funding decisions are approved by the Executive Director.

If your application is funded, you (and your fiscal agent/receiver, if applicable) will enter into a contractual agreement with the South Carolina Arts Commission, and you must comply with all requirements stated in that contract. You will receive notification and instructions when your contract is available in our online grants management system. You must submit your completed Contract Packet, including signatures and other documentation as instructed, by the date indicated in the system. You must also complete all other assigned Follow Ups by the due date given.

Please note: Any significant revisions to grant-funded activities must be approved in writing, in advance, by SCAC.

Additional details about managing an SCAC grant are available on our agency website.

Grant Payments

Payment will be on a reimbursement basis only and will be released upon receipt and approval of a Final Report.

Final Report

ALL GRANTEES are required to file a Final Report at the end of the grant period. The Final Report Due Date is stated on your contract. Failure to submit an accurate and complete Final Report by the due date will result in cancellation of the award and repayment of any funds received. SCAC will not fund applicants who have outstanding Final Reports.


If you are seeking advisement before submitting an application, please contact Cathy Lee ( | 803.734.8674). If you have submitted an application, and/or you have a current grant, please contact the Grants Office ( | 803.734.8695).