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This year has been difficult for many of our state’s citizens. That is expected to continue well into 2021.

But throughout these difficult times, arts organizations, artists and other creatives have been at the forefront of providing quality and meaningful art experiences for others while themselves feeling the harsh realities of loss of income and closed doors due to COVID-19. It was their tenacity and resilience that helped us FIND JOY IN ART!

We are optimistic about the future of the arts in our state.

Your investment in the Arts Growth Fund comes with a commitment by the South Carolina Arts Foundation (SCAF) and the South Carolina Arts Commission (SCAC) to deliver quality services to all citizens of South Carolina. We appreciate everything that you do for the arts in your community and statewide.

The SCAF, like many others in the state, began to re-imagine alternative ways to provide support for the arts community. Recognizing that there were fewer options available for individual artists, the S.C. Arts Foundation launched two initiatives: the South Carolina Artists Relief Fund (SCARF), which supplemented emergency grants for artists administered by the SCAC, and the FIND JOY IN ART auction. Funds raised through these initiatives provided direct support for artists statewide.

The work of the SCAC continued uninterrupted, with staff working remotely since March 2020 and delivering the same level of quality service to constituents.  During the 2019/2020 fiscal year, in addition to programmatic services, the SCAC’s support of artists and arts organizations throughout the state resulted in the following:

  • $5.59 million distributed through 835 grants, including:
    • $5.08 million in 489 annual grants
    • 506,736 in 346 Arts Emergency Relief grants
  • 4.6 million arts experiences for residents and visitors

The S.C. Arts Foundation, in partnership with the S.C. Arts Commission, also presented an exhibition of the State Art Collection at the 150th Anniversary of the South Carolina State Fair in 2019. The Pig Tales, Blackberry Winter and a Cabinet of Curiosities exhibition was seen by over 26,000 visitors during its nine-day run.

Since 1972, the S.C. Arts Foundation has supported the programs and services of the S.C. Arts Commission as the commission’s oldest strategic partner. The SCAF links its mission with the state’s government arts agency’s three goals: artist development, arts education, and community development through the arts.

We, along with our board of directors, hope that we can count on your support this year.

Flavia Harton
SCAF President

Kathleen P. Bateson
Vice President for Development

Find Joy in Giving

Now, we invite you to FIND JOY IN GIVING by supporting South Carolina arts organizations and artists through the Arts Growth Fund.

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Questions? Contact Victoria McCurry ( | 803.734.8315) for more information or assistance.

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The S.C. Arts Foundation welcomes gifts made through estate planning. Contact Victoria McCurry ( | 803.734.8315) for more information or assistance.