Applicants are encouraged to submit suitable support materials with their grant proposals. However, not all categories require support materials – please see specific program guidelines for detailed instructions.

Note: In reviewing grant applications, panelists may visit websites referenced in your submitted application.

General Guidance

  • Submit what is requested. Inclusion of excessive materials does not allow time for a thorough review of all materials submitted. Support material should be concise, but informative.
  • Unless instructed otherwise by the program guidelines, limit documents to a maximum of 10 pages. Additional pages will not be reviewed.
  • Label all attachments and support material as required by the program guidelines.
  • Do not submit items as support materials that are valuable, irreplaceable, or otherwise treasured. Images, reproductions, and photocopies are acceptable. Original works of art will not be accepted. The Arts Commission cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • Do not include multiple copies of the same piece of material (for example: five of the same brochure), or multiple formats of the same piece of material (for example: the same photos as jpgs and in a PDF).

If you are seeking advisement before submitting an application, please visit our Staff page for the appropriate program contact. If you have submitted an application, and/or you have a current grant, please contact the Grants Team ( | 803.734.8695).