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SC Arts Commission Grants Programs

Before You Apply

Before applying for any grants, Organization applicants are encouraged to contact their County Arts Coordinator. Individual artists are encouraged to contact their Discipline Arts Coordinator.

  • Select the category most appropriate, and which best fits the purpose and timeline of the proposal being submitted for review.  

  • Refer to individual program guidelines for complete details. Some programs no longer require a narrative.

  • Complete the application well in advance of the deadline and SIGN it.  Programs that require that you submit your application electronically require additional time to prepare.  Please plan accordingly.

  • Complete all sections of the application form. Do not alter the application form or exceed the spaces provided unless directions specifically allow attachments.

  • Type your application. Typeface must be at least 12 point or larger.  

  • Check all materials for completeness. Check again! Most errors are made due to lack of proofreading, checking for inclusion of required material and checking of math on the budget form. Incomplete applications will not accepted.

  • Keep a copy of your application for future reference.  

  • Keep the Commission informed of any changes about your contact person, authorized official, address, phone number or pertinent applicant information.

  • Do not use 3-ring binders, folders, staples, or bind the application or copies in any way other than binder clips or paper clips.

  • Do not assume that panelists will have any prior knowledge of your work or reputation.

  • Check program guidelines for deadline dates. All program deadlines are postmarked or electronic submission deadlines. Applications may also be hand delivered to the SCAC office by 5:00 on the due date, if the program you are applying for does not require electronic submission. Late applications will not be accepted.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Submit only one original application form with original signatures. Do not submit copies or fax your application.


In addition to this page, you must read the following for complete guideline information:

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South Carolina Arts Commission Accessibility Statement

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