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Subgranting (SUB) Grants

Grant Information

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Application Deadline

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To provide funds to local arts councils for subgranting to organizations and artists in their region

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Who's Eligible
South Carolina arts councils

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Up to $10,000

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Grant Period

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Matching Requirement
1:1 (applicant:SCAC)

About This Grant


Subgranting (SUB) grants provide funds to local arts councils for subgranting to organizations and artists in their region.

Applicants from a county with a subgranting arts council must apply to their subgrant site for small project grants. These applicants are ineligible for S.C. Arts Commission Arts Project Support (APS) Grants, except when the Commission has pre-determined that a project has a statewide impact.

  1. Subgranting is only available to arts councils.
  2. The applicant must be an organization
    • whose primary mission is focused on the arts; OR
    • that serves as the primary arts provider in its community.
  3. The applicant must also be either
    • a unit of government; OR
    • a charitable organization currently registered with the S.C. Secretary of State’s Office
      • reflecting S.C. as the primary address on all current official organizational documents, AND
      • with federal tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service
        applying through a tax-exempt Fiscal Agent/Receiver organization.
  1. In accordance with federal government policy, all organizations – including (but not limited to) private schools, government entities, public school districts, and nonprofit organizations – must provide a valid DUNS number to receive an S.C. Arts Commission grant award.


    If a grantee is using a fiscal agent/receiver, separate DUNS numbers must be provided for both the applicant organization and the fiscal agent/receiver.

In addition, the applicant must

  1. have at least one part-time staff member (paid or volunteer) who is responsible for artistic, administrative and programmatic functions of the organization; AND
  2. utilize a subgranting process approved by the Arts Commission that includes:
    1. Review of local applications by a panel that is representative of the community (i.e. business, education, minorities, government, artists) of no less than three members, including some individuals not directly associated with the subgranting organization (no more than 1/3 of the review panel can be members of your board);
    2. At least four application review periods per year, or a rolling deadline;
    3. Current guidelines posted on the subgranting organization’s website;
    4. Appropriate publicity for grant availability and deadlines;
    5. A single grant award that is at least $1,000;
    6. A limit of two awards per organization or artist per year;
    7. A match of at least 1:1 required of all individuals and groups receiving funding from the subgranting arts council;
    8. Notification to the SCAC Grants Office of all subgrant review meetings.

Subgrant funding is not intended to support school-based artist residencies.


May 1

Grant Period

July 1-June 30


  • Early March (before grant period begins): SUB application becomes available
  • Early/Mid-December (of grant year): First Pay Request due
  • Mid-May (of grant year): Coastal Community Foundation Report due
  • Early/Mid-August (after grant period ends): Final Report due

Exact due dates for your grant will be indicated in your online record.


Up to $10,000

Matching Requirements

A minimum of 1:1 (applicant:SCAC) prior to re-granting. A subgrant site’s minimum sugranting budget should be your SCAC grant award times two. 100% of the applicant’s match must be cash; no in-kind is allowed.

These subgrant funds must also be matched by your local grantees (see Eligibility, item 6g).

Funding Credit

This program is funded in part by a generous award from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina.This grant program is funded in part by a generous award from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC. In addition to giving credit to the S.C. Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts, credit must also be given to this source in all advertising, news releases, printed materials, and promotion and publicity. Samples of promotional material should be submitted with your final report. Details about the Coastal Community Foundation of SC are available on their website at

How to Apply

Subgranting grants are managed in our online grants management system, from application, to approval and contracts, through payments and final reports.

Our online grants are managed using the Foundant platform. For frequently asked questions, registration instructions, and other helpful information, we highly recommend visiting the Foundant page on our website, before you begin working in the system.

To apply for Subgranting, the applicant must have an active account in our online grants management system.

  1. Follow the “Apply” link below. The online grants management system will open in a new browser tab or window.
  2. Log on, then click the “Apply” link at the top of your Applicant Dashboard.
  3. You won’t immediately see this category in the list, since it requires an Access Code, provided in our communication with you. Type your Access Code in the box in the upper right corner of the screen and click the “Enter Code” button.
  4. Find “Subgranting” in the list of available grant applications, and click the “Apply” button to the far right.
Important note:
  • If you have already begun the application process, you will find your draft application on your Applicant Dashboard (the first page after you log on, or click the “Home” icon at the top left of the screen).
  • Find your in-progress application, and click the “Edit Application” link to the right.
  • DO NOT click “Apply;” that will start a new application, instead of taking you to your application in progress.
Preview the Application

Not quite ready to apply? For many grant categories, you can preview the application before you log in or create an account.

  1. Visit the “Apply” page (it will open in a new browser tab or window) to see all of our currently-available applications.
  2. Scroll through the page to see what’s available. To the right of each grant category, there’s a note about when applications will be accepted.
    • You can use the “Quick Search” box at the top to find a specific grant category.
    • If you’ve been given an Access Code for a specific grant, you won’t see it in the list. Type your Access Code in the box in the upper right corner of the screen and click the “Enter Code” button. The screen will refresh and your grant category should appear.
  3. When you’ve found the grant in which you’re interested, click the “Preview” button.
    • While you’re previewing the application, you can also click the “Question List” button in the upper right to generate a blank application in PDF format.
    • Some grant applications include different content for different types of applicants. This content will only be available for Preview if
      • you are logged in to your Foundant account, or
      • you click the “Question List” button in the upper right to generate a blank application in PDF format (be aware, however, that the PDF will contain content for ALL types of applicants).

If you have difficulty previewing an application, please contact the Grants Office ( | 803.734.8695).

After You Apply

The initial review of applications focuses on eligibility, accuracy and detail of budget, inclusion of a well-written narrative, completeness of submission, compliance with grant requirements, and confirmation of required support materials. S.C. Arts Commission staff will evaluate grant applications on the basis of specific criteria listed in the guidelines. Final funding decisions are approved by the Board of Commissioners.

Review Criteria

Evidence that applicant is administratively qualified to undertake an equitable and broadly accessible subgranting program.

Artistry and Feasibility (50%)

Does the application demonstrate the ability for the applicant to maintain high professional standards via reviews and support materials?

  • Resumes’ of artistic personnel involved. (25%)
  • Evidence that the project design is feasible and well-planned. (25% )

Project Impact (30%)

  • Public Impact (6%)
    Does the project benefit the community at large and/or SC artists?
  • Need (6%)
    Demonstrated need for the project.
  • Mission (6%)
    Program design adheres to and furthers mission of organization.
  • Cultural Diversity (6%)
    Demonstrated concern for cultural diversity as evidenced by constituency served, audience, programming and board/volunteer participation.
  • Partnerships/Collaborations (6%)
    Cooperative relationships with other organizations and/or artists.

Project Management (20%)

Does the applicant have the ability to implement the project?

  • Implementation (5%)
    Evidence of competent staff or volunteers to direct the project.
  • Financial health (10%)
    Evidence of more than adequate financial resources are available to complete the project well; as indicated in the budget submitted.
  • Marketing (5%)
    Well-planned marketing efforts.


If your application is approved, you will receive notification and your contract will be available in the online system. You must electronically sign your contract by the date indicated in the system. You must also complete all assigned Follow Ups (including a Final Report, as listed in your online account), by the due date given. You will be expected to contact us if for any reason your project will undergo significant revisions.

Grant Payments

Payment will be on a reimbursement basis only. An accurate Grants Payment Request Form, listing only expenses allowable under the program guidelines for the certified time period, must be submitted in order to receive payment for the grant award. Funded grantees must submit their first Grant Payment Request form by December 1. Be sure to include a completed Subgranting Activity Report for each payment request.

Final Report

ALL GRANTEES are required to file a Final Report at the end of the grant period. The Final Report Due Date is printed on your contract. Failure to submit an accurate and complete Final Report by the due date will result in cancellation of the award and repayment of any funds received. The S.C. Arts Commission will not fund applicants who have outstanding Final Reports.

In addition, failure to file a complete SUB Final Report by the due date will result in a reduction of 15% to future grant awards.


If you are seeking advisement before submitting an application, please visit our Staff page for the appropriate program contact. If you have submitted an application, and/or you have a current grant, please contact the Grants Office ( | 803.734.8695).