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Alphaeus Anderson is the author of Youth Magnet. Alphaeus is also the creator of the Muse Core Arts initiative. Alphaeus is all about strategies on how to fuse the arts into the core curriculum. MCA is highly engaging for teachers and students. Alphaeus believes if the class is engaged, classroom management and morale will take care of itself.

He is also the founder of Gain Maintain, a platform dedicated to providing cutting-edge strategies, training modules, and courses to coach leaders, teachers and churches.

A successful independent music label was started by Alphaeus in 2008 and is home of award winning artists and provides production and compositions for many national recording gospel artists.

Annually, Anderson attracts over 400 students, during the spring and summer, to sing in a choir he started with only one child 17 years ago. Alphaeus speaks to thousands of students in schools, churches, and community centers. His musical compositions are performed across the nation and Canada and he has been featured at the National GMWA Youth and Young Adult Division Conference, the National Baptist Convention, YouTube, billboard and terrestrial and internet radio.

Alphaeus is one of the recipients of the 2016 President Barack Obama Volunteer Service Award, presented by Ambassador Lenora Peterson.