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SC Arts Commission Grants Programs

FY2016 Individual Artist Fellowships Grant Guidelines



Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I apply for the next awards?
    The next deadline is November 1, 2014. Application guidelines are published in late summer each year. The Fellowship Rotation Cycle is listed below.
  • When are the fellowship awards announced?
    Winners are notified and posted on the S.C. Arts Commission website in late summer each year.



Fellowships recognize and reward the artistic achievements of South Carolina's exceptional individual artists. Fellowship awards are made through a highly competitive, anonymous process and are based on artistic excellence only. The fellowship awards bring recognition that may open doors to other resources and employment opportunities.

Program Highlights:

  • Fellowship awards are $5,000 each.
  • Four fellowships are awarded each year, according to the fellowship rotation cycle listed below.

Fellowship Rotation Cycle:

FY (Fiscal Year) Grant
Awards Application
FY2016 7/1/2015-

Visual Arts


Music: Composition

Music: Performance

FY2017 7/1/2016-



Dance: Choreography

Dance: Performance

FY2018 7/1/2017-

Visual Arts


Media: Production

Media: Screenwriting


Note: The FY2015 fellowship rotation cycle included Prose, Poetry, Theatre: Acting, and Theatre: Playwriting.


Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must:

  • be a legal resident of the U.S. and S.C. with a permanent residence in the state for two years prior to the application date and throughout the fellowship period;
  • be a practicing individual artist (duos, collaborative works, and other ensembles are not eligible);
  • not be a degree-seeking, full-time student during the award period;
  • be 18 years of age or older at the time of application.


  1. There is a limit of three fellowships in an artistís career and a period of ineligibility of ten years after the first fellowship is awarded. i.e. Artists who received fellowships prior to the 2005-2006 fiscal year (July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006) are now eligible to apply.
  2. Fellows may not receive any other SCAC grant awards during their fellowship year.
  3. Support material submitted must include work that has been completed within the last five years.
  4. A minimum of five applications must be received in a fellowship category in order for the discipline category to undergo panel review.
  5. An artist may apply in more than one category, but is only eligible to receive one fellowship. If applying in more than one category, a different body of work must be submitted for each category.


November 1, 2014

Applications must be postmarked (or hand-delivered to the S.C. Arts Commission offices before 5 p.m.) no later than the stated date, or, when the deadline occurs on a weekend or holiday, no later than the next business day.

FY (Fiscal Year) 2016 Award Categories

  • 1 award in Visual Arts
  • 1 award in Craft
  • 2 awards in Music:
    • Composition
    • Performance

Award Period

July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016


$5,000 per fellowship. Fellowship awards are considered taxable income in S.C.



Filing Fee


Review Process

Please contact the appropriate S.C. Arts Commission discipline coordinator for guidance on completing the application form:


Fellowship applicants' works are reviewed anonymously by out-of-state panelists who make their judgments based on artistic merit. The Arts Commission reserves the right not to award a fellowship in any discipline for which applications have been solicited. Fellowship awards are approved by the Board of Commissioners. Upon notification of award, fellowship finalists will be asked to immediately forward a photograph to be used for promotional purposes.



Final Report

ALL GRANTEES are required to file a Final Report at the end of the grant period. The Final Report Due Date is printed on your contract. Failure to submit an accurate and complete Final Report by the due date will result in cancellation of the award and repayment of funds received. The S.C. Arts Commission will not fund applicants who have outstanding Final Reports. Go to the Final Report requirements >>


A complete Final Report package contains the following items:


  1. Three-page Final Report form (PDF) – Cover page (includes grantee information and original signatures), Activity Summary, and Activity Locations (How To Use PDFs >>)

  2. Narrative

    Artist Fellowships ONLY


    Submit a narrative addressing the following:


    • What specifically has the fellowship award allowed you to accomplish that you would otherwise not have been able to do?
    • What is the most important aspect of the fellowship program to you?
    • Do you have any suggestions as to how the S.C. Arts Commission can improve the fellowship program?



Required Application Materials


Unless otherwise specified, each page/item of materials must be submitted in a format suitable for copying (8½” x 11” paper). Typeface must be legible, no less than 12 point. Do not use 3-ring binders, folders, or bind the application materials in any way other than with binder clips, paper clips, or staples. Do not fax your application materials.


Forms are in portable document format (PDF). (How To Use PDFs)


The application package must include one complete collated set of items as follows:

1. Fellowship Application Form
Submit an original form, completed and signed by the applicant. Do not submit a copy.


2. Support Materials for the Appropriate Discipline


  • For ALL Disciplines:
    • Support material submitted must include work that has been completed within the past five years.
    • Support materials should demonstrate the range of the artist's ability and should be of the highest possible quality.
    • The last four digits of the applicant's Social Security number must appear on the upper right hand corner of each page or item of support material.
    • The applicant's name and address MUST NOT appear anywhere in or on the submission.
    • Work submitted should be labeled to correspond with the discipline-specific Support Materials Form.

  • Visual Arts and Craft
    Applicants may submit up to ten (10) images on a CD-ROM or DVD.
    • Images should be in a jpeg format with a minimum size of 1024 wide x 768 high ppi (pixels per inch at 300 ppi resolution) and formatted for presentation on a PC-based platform. Please note that images inappropriately sized and presented will be reviewed by the panelist in that manner.
    • Jpegs should be numbered sequentially (e.g., 1.jpeg) to correspond with the discipline-specific Support Materials Form. No slides or photographs are accepted.

  • Music Composition
    Applicants must submit two original compositions on CD or DVD with accompanying scores or lead sheets.
    • For improvisational compositions in which the composer is also performing, indicate the instrument played by the composer.
    • For compositions for which scores are not available, a brief description of the composition process should be submitted.
    • The CD/DVD should be labeled with the contents and the last four digits of the applicant's social security number to correspond with the Support Materials Form. The applicant's name and address MUST NOT appear anywhere on the submission.


  • Music Performance
    Applicants must submit one CD or DVD of a performance or performances.
    • If the sample includes ensemble work, the CD/DVD label and Support Materials Form must identify the role of the individual applicant in each selection included on the CD/DVD. (Refer to "the applicant;" do not use the applicant's name.)
    • The CD/DVD should be labeled with the contents and the last four digits of the applicant's social security number to correspond with the Support Materials Form. The applicant's name and address MUST NOT appear anywhere on the submission.


3. Support Materials Form for the Appropriate Discipline
Use this form to list and describe all support materials (CDs, DVDs, etc.). Please note that there is a different Support Materials Form for each discipline:

If you have trouble opening the support materials form, please visit the How To Use PDFs page for assistance.


4. Résumé
Submit an updated résumé with the application. Résumé must not exceed three pages in length. The résumé will be used to prepare biographical information (see an example) in the event the applicant is selected as a fellowship recipient or alternate. Résumés are not submitted to panelists for review.


5. SASE (if requesting return of materials)

Applicants must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) if support materials are to be returned. Materials sent without a SASE will be discarded 90 days after announcement of awards.


Use this optional checklist to ensure a complete Fellowship application package. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Mail to:
FY2016 Individual Artist Fellowships Program
S.C. Arts Commission
1026 Sumter Street, Suite 200
Columbia, SC 29201


In addition to this page, you must read the following for complete guideline information:

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