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S.C. Arts Commission Arts in Education Grants

Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Advancement Grants

What is an ABC grant?

ABC Advancement grants support schools and districts committed to implementing standards-based arts curricula and to making the arts an integral part of the basic curriculum and daily classroom instruction.

Who can get one?

Schools, school districts, and year-round gifted and talented consortia. Applicants must have a 5-year strategic arts plan and an arts steering committee.

How much could I get?

Up to $15,000 per year for schools; up to $25,000 per year for districts.

When is the deadline to apply?

January 18

ABC sites, once approved, apply every three years.

Note: New applicants must submit an Intent to Apply to Christine Fisher by September 1.

How do I apply?

  1. Read the grant guidelines carefully.
  2. Contact Christine Fisher at The ABC Project by September 1 before starting your first ABC application.
  3. Follow the guidance of ABC Project and Arts Commission staff to complete and submit your online application. (This is an extensive application; be sure to give yourself plenty of time.)

What happens next?

  1. A panel of S.C. arts educators will review and rate the applications.
  2. S.C. Arts Commission staff and management recommend funding, based on those ratings, to our Board of Commissioners.
  3. Funding for the upcoming school year is tentatively announced in May and confirmed in June. Applicants approved for funding will receive notification in May, and awards are posted on our website.

If I get an ABC grant, what will I need to do?

  1. Begin your work and track your income and expenses as of July 1.
  2. Sign a contract and complete other paperwork we’ll mail to you in August.
  3. Meet the required deadlines and keep good records.
  4. Credit your funders, and communicate with your state legislators.
  5. Participate in assessments if we ask.
  6. Let us know if anything changes.
  7. Complete your school year and report on how it went.

If I have questions, who can help?

Your S.C. Arts Commission county coordinator.


Last updated: 11/29/2016