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SC Arts Commission Grants Programs

General Operating Support for Organizations (GOS) Grants

What is a GOS grant?

General Operating Support (GOS) grants provide consistent, unrestricted operational support for arts organizations in South Carolina.

Who can get one?

South Carolina nonprofit arts organizations or units of local government who

  1. have a primary mission focused on the arts (or who serve as the primary arts provider in their community)
  2. have completed at least one fiscal year of programming.

How much could I get?

It depends on your expense budget, how well your application is received by the review panel, and how much money is available in our budget. See the most recent GOS awards >>

When is the deadline to apply?

February 23 for funding beginning July 1.

Note: Current GOS grantees only need to reapply every three years. Check the Applicant Groups listing to find out when you need to apply next.

How do I apply?

  1. Read the grant guidelines carefully.
  2. Contact your coordinator if you have questions or want to discuss your application.
  3. Complete and submit your online application. (Be sure to give yourself plenty of time.)

What happens next?

  1. A panel of arts administrators, artists, educators and community leaders, from within and outside S.C., will review and rate the applications.
  2. S.C. Arts Commission staff and management recommend funding, based on those ratings, to our Board of Commissioners.
  3. Once the Board approves the awards (usually in June), we’ll post the results on our website.

If I get a GOS grant, what will I need to do?

  1. Sign a contract and complete other paperwork we’ll mail to you in the fall.
  2. Meet the required deadlines and keep good records.
  3. Credit your funders, and communicate with your state legislators.
  4. Participate in assessments if we ask.
  5. Let us know if anything changes.
  6. Report on how your year went.

If I have questions, who can help?

The S.C. Arts Commission coordinator for your county. Visit our Staff Directory to learn exactly who to contact, and how.


Frequently Asked Question: What's the difference between a GOS grant and an OSS grant?

Operating Support for Small Organizations (OSS) grants are specifically designed for small arts organizations, with expense budgets of $75,000 or less. If your budget meets this criteria, you may apply in either operating support category (GOS or OSS), but not both.


The main differences between OSS and GOS are:

  • OSS grants have a maximum award of $2,500, with a 2:1 match. GOS grants have no maximum award, with a 3:1 match.
  • OSS grantees reapply annually. GOS grantees reapply every three years.
  • The OSS application is shorter, and some would say, simpler than the GOS application.