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SC Arts Commission Grants Programs

S.C. Artists' Ventures Initiative (AVI) Grants

What is an AVI grant?

AVI grants encourage and enable the creation of new artist-driven, arts-based business ventures that will provide career satisfaction and sustainability for S.C. artists. Grants can be used to launch a new venture or significantly alter an existing venture.

Who can get one?

Professional-caliber South Carolina working artists (individuals and collaboratives)

How much could I get?

Up to $3,500 for a one-time project/single purchase

Up to $5,000 for an ongoing business venture

When is the deadline to apply?

January 15 for the initial online Letter of Intent. If you are invited to submit a full grant application, it will be due by March 15.

How do I apply?

Part One (Letter of Intent - Open to All):

The S.C. Arts Commission will review Letters of Intent and related materials and extend an invitation to selected applicants to develop the proposed venture into a full grant proposal.

  1. Read the grant guidelines carefully.
  2. Prepare your Letter of Intent and the related materials, including work samples.
  3. Letter of Intent must be submitted online by midnight (EST) January 15.

Part Two (Full Grant Application - By Invitation Only):

After the review of the Letters of Intent and support materials has been completed, selected applicants will be invited to proceed to Part Two with a full grant application. Only those applicants who have been invited will be considered.

  1. Read the grant guidelines carefully.
  2. Prepare your application materials. (Be sure to give yourself plenty of time.)
  3. Full application and support materials must be submitted online by midnight (EST) March 15.

What happens next?

  1. S.C. Arts Commission program staff and management will review the Letters of Intent and select those who will be invited to develop their proposed venture into a full grant application
  2. Full grant applications will be reviewed by a panel of SCAC program staff and two business professionals.
  3. S.C. Arts Commission staff and management will present recommended applicants based on panel reivew to our Board of Commissioners for funding approval.
  4. The approved award results will be posted on our website.

If I get an AVI grant, what will I need to do?

  1. Sign a contract and complete other contract requirements.
  2. Attend at least two professional development meetings during the grant period.
  3. Submit quarterly progress reports.
  4. Meet the required deadlines, and keep good records.
  5. Credit your funders, and communicate with your state legislators.
  6. Participate in assessments if we ask.
  7. Let us know if anything changes.
  8. Report on how it went.

If I have questions, who can help?

The S.C. Arts Commission AVI program director, La Ruchala Murphy (803-734-8680).