South Carolina’s (Ascendant) Arts-Related Economic Cluster

Research Economist Dr. Joseph C. Von Nessen from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina compiled a new report released in February 2023.

Dr. Von Nessen analyzed data from the U.S. census and economic analysis bureaus and commerce department and discovered significant gains from the previous study released in 2018. Here are the critical takeaways:

123,550 jobs paying $5.7 billion

The total number of local jobs supported by the arts-related cluster. This level of employment represents 5.5% of the total employment base in South Carolina and also generates $5.7 billion in wages and salaries.

  • A 7.5% increase from the 2018 study.
$360.2 million

The annual total estimated tax revenue generated for the state of South Carolina that arises from the arts-related cluster each year.

  • A 33% increase from the 2018 study.
$14.1 billion

The total economic impact of the South Carolina arts-related cluster, which represents both the direct and indirect demand generated by the local spending activity of all arts-related businesses, their suppliers, and their employees.

  • A 45% increase from the 2018 study.

The analysis reviewed 2021 data from the portions of the state economy associated with the arts, design, crafts and related activities.