South Carolina Arts Commission

South Carolina Arts Commission

Individual Artist Fellowships

Fellowships recognize and reward the artistic achievements of South Carolina’s exceptional individual artists.

The $5,000 awards are made through a highly competitive process. New for the FY22 cycle, the application process is no longer anonymous and awards no longer made solely on artistic merit. Consideration will also be given to achievements and commitment to the discipline in which artists apply. Artists may apply for more than one discipline, but must complete separate applications in full.

The disciplines in the FY22 rotation are:

  • Visual Art
  • Craft
  • Media: Production
  • Media: Screenwriting

Each category will have one recipient if enough applications are received.

South Carolina Arts Commission Fellows

Prose | SARAH BLACKMAN | Greenville County

Sarah Blackman is the director of creative writing at the Fine Arts Center, an arts-centered public high school in Greenville, South Carolina. Her poetry and prose have been published in a number of journals, magazines, and anthologies and she has been featured on the Poetry Daily website. Blackman is the co-fiction editor of Diagram, the online journal of experimental prose, poetry and schematics; and the founding editor of Crashtest, an online magazine for high school age writers she edits alongside her Fine Arts Center students. Her story collection Mother Box, published by FC2 in 2013, was the winner of the 2012 Ronald Sukenick/American Book Review Innovative Fiction Prize. Her novel, Hex, was published by FC2 in April 2016 and in 2018 she joined its board.

Poetry | JOHN PURSLEY III | Greenville County

John Pursley III teaches contemporary literature and poetry at Clemson University, where he also directs the annual Clemson Literary Festival. He is the author of the poetry collection, If You Have Ghosts (Zone 3 Press), as well as the chapbooks, A Story without Poverty (South Carolina Poetry Initiative) and A Conventional Weather (New Michigan Press), among others. In addition, he works as the poetry editor of Burnside Review and is an assistant editor for the South Carolina Review. His poems and reviews have appeared in Poetry, AGNI, Colorado Review, Kenyon Review, and elsewhere.

Dance: Choreography | ERIN BAILEY | Richland County

Erin Bailey is a South Carolina native who discovered her passion for dance at the Fine Arts Center in Greenville. She has degrees from Columbia College (BFA) and Texas Women’s University (MFA) and has her certification and licensure in massage. She is an adjunct dance professor at Columbia and Coker colleges and the University of South Carolina. Bailey has worked and performed with Columbia area dance companies since 2004 and has performed nationally and internationally at festivals like Piccolo Spoleto in Charleston. In 2018 she founded and remains artistic director of Moving Body Dance Company. She has twice received awards for her choreography work. Photo by Jesse Scroggins.

Dance: Performance | TANYA WIDEMAN-DAVIS | Richland County

Tanya Wideman-Davis is the co-director of Wideman Davis Dance and is on faculty as associate professor at the University of South Carolina in the Department of Theatre and Dance and African American Studies. With an extensive career as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, she completed her Master of Fine Arts from Hollins University/ADF (2012). Tanya has danced with many world-renowned companies, including Dance Theatre of Harlem, Joffrey Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Spectrum Dance Theater, Ballet NY, and as guest artist with Ballet Memphis, Cleveland San Jose Ballet, and Quorum Ballet (Portugal).  She received international acclaim as “Best Female Dancer of 2001-2002” from Dance Europe magazine. Photo by Sammy Lopez.

Adrian Rhodes – Visual Art
Valerie Zimany – Craft
Fang Man – Music: Composition
Craig Butterfield – Music: Performance

F. Rutledge Hammes – Prose
Stephen Tulloh – Poetry
Paul Kaufmann – Theatre: Acting
Kevin Ferguson – Theatre: Playwriting

Linda Fantuzzo – Visual Arts
Elizabeth Keller – Craft
Jason Gourdine – Media: Production
Leasharn Hopkins – Media: Screenwriting

Jeremy Griffin- Prose
Walt Hunter – Poetry
Jonathan Tabbert – Dance: Choreography
Journy Wilkes-Davis – Dance: Performance

Jarod Charzewski- Visual Arts
Alice Ross Ballard – Craft
Jon Jeffrey Grier – Music: Composition
Marina Lomazov – Music: Performance

Scott Gould – Prose
Hastings Hensel – Poetry
Vicky Saye Henderson – Theatre: Acting
Beth Lincks – Theatre: Playwriting

James Arendt – Visual Arts
Robert F. Lyon – Craft
Jeff Sumerel – Media: Production
Herbert “Robbie” Robertson – Media: Screenwriting

Kathryn Etters Lovatt – Prose
Nancy Ancrom – Poetry
Marcy Jo Yonkey-Clayton – Dance: Choreography

Jonathan Brilliant – Visual Arts
Russell Biles – Craft
Lee-Chin Siow – Music: Performance
Mark Kilstofte – Music: Composition

Barbara G.S. Hagerty – Poetry
Ed Madden – Prose
Rodney Lee Rogers – Theatre: Playwriting
Sharon Graci – Theatre: Acting

Damond Howard – Visual Arts
Kim Lee Keats – Craft
Jill Eathorne Bahr – Dance: Choreography
Terrance Orlando Henderson – Dance: Performance

Julia E. Elliott – Prose
Mindy Friddle – Prose
Dan Albergotti – Poetry
Sally Arango Renata – Poetry
Phillip Bush – Music: Performance
John Fitz Rogers – Music: Composition

Jamie Davis – Craft
John Benjamin Gilliam – Craft
Elizabeth Melton – Visual Arts
Herb Parker – Visual Arts
Laura Kissel – Media: Production
Howard Kingkade – Media: Screenwriting

Sheila Joan Tombe – Poetry
Scott Yarbrough – Prose
Monica Wyche – Theatre: Acting
Kathryn Smoak – Dance
Peter Lenzo – Craft
Patricia Lee Brady – Visual Arts

Debra A. Daniel – Poetry
Kimberly K. McGuire – Prose
Maxine Miller Warshauer – Music Composition
David Ross Puls – Crafts
Mana D.C. Hewitt – Visual Arts

Linda Annas Ferguson – Poetry
Brenda Dale McClain – Prose
Kathleen Vandekieft – Music Performance
Darryl Lorenzo Wellington – Playwriting
Jocelyn Chateauvert – Crafts
Jack Steve Gerstner, Jr. – Visual Arts

Carol Ann Davis – Poetry
Kathleen (Kate) Bullard Adams – Prose
Eric Bultman – Performing Arts (Acting)
John David Solomon – Media (Screenwriting)
Paula Smith – Crafts
Philip L. Moody – Visual Arts

Warren Slesinger – Poetry
Gilbert Allen – Prose
Varsha Parikh – Dance Performance
Seth Howell Riddle – Media Production
Jennifer T. Vincent – Crafts
Diane Hopkins-Hughs – Visual Arts

Alice Ballard Munn – Crafts
Rebecca S. Nagel – Music Performance
Terri L. McCord – Poetry
Susan Millar Williams – Prose
Martha Brim – Dance Choreography
Linda Williams McCune – Visual Arts

Mark Kilstofte – Music Composition
Keith Knight – Music Performance
Jessica Bundschuh – Poetry
Russell Biles – Visual

Jon W. Tuttle – Playwriting
Keith Lee Morris – Prose
Sandi Shackelford – Theatre: Acting
Cliffton Peacock – Visual Arts

Anne Boudreau – Crafts
Steve Zimmerman – Media
Hazel Ketchum – Music Performance
Angela R. Kelly – Poetry
Mary Edna Fraser – Visual Arts

Jill Bahr – Dance Choreography
Mariclaire Miranda – Dance Performance
David Yandell Todd – Prose
Michelle Van Parys – Visual Arts
Barbara Duval – Visual Arts

Mike Lavine – Crafts
Paul Rucker – Music Performance
Paul Allen – Poetry
Anne Creed – Prose
Joseph Scott Goldsmith – Visual Arts
Tarleton Blackwell – Visual Arts

Lee A. Malerich – Crafts
Eunjoo Yun – Music Performance
Paul Rice – Poetry
Deborah Cumming – Prose
Vinh T. Dang – Visual Arts
Phyllis Hebert Constransitch – Visual Arts

Michael V. Vatalaro – Crafts
Christopher Berg – Music Performance
Kathleen Whitten – Poetry
Rosa Shand – Prose
Joe Walters – Visual Arts
Rebecca Freeman – Visual Arts

Ellen Kochansky – Crafts
Maxine Warshauer – Music Composition
Debra A. Daniel – Poetry
Sue Monk Kidd – Prose
Herb Parker – Visual Arts
Jorge A. Otero – Visual Arts

Megan Wolfe – Crafts
Douglas A. Weeks – Music Performance
Jan R. Bailey – Poetry
Deno Trakas – Prose
Frankie Jean Mixon – Visual Arts
Jean R. Grosser – Visual Arts

Jamie Davis – Crafts
Enrique Graf – Music Performance
Curtis Derrick – Poetry
Merry Speece – Prose
Richard Rose – Visual Arts
Dexter Buell – Visual Arts
Michael Thunder – Visual Arts

James Barnard Lawton – Crafts
Kathleen Vandekieft – Music Performance
Ron Rash – Poetry
Scott Gould – Prose
Manning Bethea Williams – Visual Arts
Jane Allen Nodine – Visual Arts

Jenifer A. Borg – Crafts
Cathy Smith-Bowers – Literature
Sarah Gilbert – Literature
Robert Jesselson – Music Performance
Rebecca Des Marais – Visual Arts
Christina Chase – Visual Arts

Lee A. Malerich – Crafts
Paul Allen – Literature
Steve Rosenburg – Music Performance
Edward Rice – Visual Arts
Scott Belville – Visual Arts

Clay Burnette – Crafts
Bret Lott – Literature
Robert Pruzin – Music Performance
Judy V. Jones – Visual Arts
Dennis Croteau – Visual Arts

Terry Jarrard-Dimond – Crafts
Libby Bernardin – Literature
Anthony & Mary Ann Lenti – Music Performance
Christine Kierstead – Visual Arts
Zoey Brookshire – Visual Arts

Jeri Burdick – Crafts
Starkey Flythe – Literature
Douglas A. Weeks – Music Performance
Michael Phillips – Visual Arts
Barbara Duval – Visual Arts

Clark Ellefson – Crafts
John Lane – Literature
Bob Landau – Media
Wilfred Delphin & Edwin Romain – Music Performance
Gunars Strazdins – Visual Arts
Larry Lebby – Visual Arts

Michael Vincent Vatalaro – Crafts
Andrew Kuharsky – Dance Performance
Blanche Boyd – Literature
David W. Maves – Music Composition
Robin Zemp – Music Performance
Barbara Layne – Visual
Edward Wimberly – Visual Arts

Lee A. Malerich – Crafts
Susan G. Ludvigson – Literature
Jan L. Millsapps – Media
Christopher B. Berg – Music Performance
Karen E. Davies – Visual
Donna G. Ciacciarelli (née Bolton) – Visual Arts

Heidi Darr Hope – Crafts
Robert Cumming – Literature – Prose
Stephen Corey – Literature – Prose
Nancy Yasecko – Media
Cleveland Edwards – Music Composition
Sarah Johnson – Music Performance
Jane Allen Nodine – Visual Arts
Judy V. Jones – Visual Arts
Eugene Horne – Visual Arts
Alice D. Boyle – Visual Arts

Kristy Higby – Crafts
Louis J. Gallo – Literature – Prose
Frank Eastes – Media
David Maves – Music Composition
Mark E. Flowers – Visual Arts
James Edwards – Visual Arts
Alice D. Boyle – Visual Arts

Pamela Tarchinski – Crafts
Edward Minus – Literature – Prose
Gretchen Robinson – Media
Samuel Douglas – Music Composition
Michael Tice – Visual Arts
Thomas N. Mills – Visual Arts
Lee Brumbaugh – Visual Arts

Ellen Kochansky – Crafts
Susan G. Ludvigson – Literature
Timothy Crenshaw – Music Composition
Susan B. Wooten – Visual Arts
Bob M. Jolly – Visual Arts
Margaret Chalmers – Visual Arts

Jamie Davis – Crafts
Sylvia-Elaine Foard – Literature
Edwin Freeman – Music Composition
Howard Woody – Visual Arts
Michael Seward – Visual Arts
Steven Gately – Visual Arts

John Ower – Literary Arts
Philip Mullen – Visual Arts
Leo Manske – Visual Arts
Stephen Dell – Visual Arts