South Carolina Arts Commission

Individual Artist Fellowships

Fellowships recognize and reward the artistic achievements of South Carolina’s exceptional individual artists.

The $10,000 awards are made through a highly competitive process.

Some key changes to the program have come as of FY22.

  • Increasing the award from $5,000 in FY22 to $8,500 in FY22 and then to $10,000 as of FY23 is the first.
  • The second is the addition of more modern, inclusive disciplines to its established rotation over the course of four years: spoken word and slam poetry; time-based art, which includes installation, sound, experimental film, video art, computer-based technology or performance); choreography and directing in film, theatre, and opera; and the design arts, which include architecture, fashion, graphic, industrial, or interior.

“The fellowship program is one of the arts commission’s signature programs. It directly impacts artist development, one of the agency’s core functions,” Deputy Director Ce Scott-Fitts said.

“Increasing the award makes the program more prestigious, but better serves the recipients. They receive financial resources so that they may focus on developing and creating art. Adding disciplines allows for more inclusion while demonstrating how many aspects of the creative economy are touched by the arts.”

How the process works

A diverse group of panelists from each discipline is selected to judge applicants. The application process is no longer anonymous, and awards are no longer made solely on artistic merit. Consideration is also given to work samples, achievements, and commitment to the discipline in which artists apply. (Artists may apply in multiple categories with separate applications.)

Fellowships lend prestige to an artist’s reputation and can open doors to other resources and employment opportunities. A list of accomplished fellowship recipients is below.

FY24 Fellowships Cycle

The disciplines in the upcoming FY24 rotation are:

  • Visual art
  • Craft
  • Time-based art (installation, sound, experimental film, video art, computer-generated art, technology, or performance art)
  • Music composition

Each category will have one recipient if enough applications are received. Applications should open by late summer 2022.

Current Fellows (FY23)

When soliciting artist statements, the South Carolina Arts Commission (SCAC) provides artists complete latitude for those statements they craft to take any form. Publication of said statements does not—and should not be understood to—indicate endorsement by the state of South Carolina, SCAC, or agents thereof.

Past Fellows

I’m here to help!

If you are seeking more program information, please contact Deputy Director Ce Scott-Fitts ( | 803.734.8203).