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Services & Programs

The South Carolina Arts Commission encourages public participation in the arts by providing services, grants and leadership initiatives in three areas: arts education, community arts development and artist development. Please contact your Arts Coordinator for direct assistance.




Services and Programs

Arts Accessibility

Grants and assistance for awareness, training and other needs in developing accessibility for persons with disabilities.


Arts Daily (www.SCArtsHub.com/Arts-Daily)

Online arts calendar and radio announcements airing on S.C. Public Radio.


Arts Education

Grants and assistance for arts education programs that support the academic, social, emotional and creative growth of students.


The ABC Project

The Arts in Basic Curriculum Project aims to ensure that every child in S.C. has access to a quality, comprehensive arts education.


Artist Fellowships

Recognition of artistic achievements by S.C.’s exceptional individual artists.


Cultural Districts

The state's official designation program for communities with a concentration of arts and cultural venues, businesses and assets.


Cultural Tourism

Assistance for projects that impact artistically based cultural tourism.


Driven by the Arts License Plate

S.C.’s arts specialty license plate, designed to raise awareness for the arts and raise funds for arts education.


Elizabeth O’Neill Verner Governor’s Awards

Recognition of outstanding achievement and contribution to the arts; the highest honor the state gives in the arts.


Emergency Preparedness

Resources to assist artists and arts organizations in preparing for and recovering from disasters.


Folklife & Traditional Arts

Grants and assistance for tradtional arts, the creative expressions of groups who share a common culture.


The Hub (www.SCArtsHub.com)

Website promoting all that is special about the arts in S.C. and beyond. News, calls for art, resources, recognition, etc.


Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Awards

Recognition of artists who practice traditional art forms handed down through their families and communities.


Literary Arts

Support and assistance for writers and programs; shared administration for the S.C. Literary Arts Partnership.


Operating Support Grants

Support for organizations providing ongoing arts experiences and services to individuals and other organizations.


Participation Project

Grants and assistance in developing initiatives to increase public participation in the arts.


Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music; Presenting)

Support and assistance for S.C. performing artists and performing and presenting organizations.


Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest

Encourages high school students to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation.


Project Support Grants

Funds specific arts projects for organizations and/or artists.


Roster of Approved Artists

Extensive list of artists available to educators and presenters.


S.C. Artists’ Ventures Initiative

Grants and assistance for S.C. artists to develop knowledge and skills needed to build satisfying, sustainable careers.


S.C. Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Need-based online service that provides pro bono assistance to the arts community.


State Art Collection

Comprehensive collection of works by contemporary S.C. artists.


Training and Consulting

Assistance and resources to help arts leaders develop skills and strengthen organizational capacity.


Visual Arts

Support and assistance for S.C. artists and programs.



Grant Programs for Organizations

Arts Accessibility

Helps South Carolina arts organizations make programs and existing facilities accessible to persons with disabilities.


Arts Education Projects

Funds projects and programs that use the arts to meet the educational, developmental and social needs of K-12 students.


Folklife and Traditional Arts

Ensures that South Carolina’s living traditions remain vibrant and visible parts of community life by funding such projects as presentation of traditional artists through workshops, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, recordings, etc.; documentation of traditional arts and/or folklife; production, documentation and/or distribution of a traditional artist’s work; and acquisition of difficult-to-obtain materials or equipment needed to create traditional art.


General Operating Support

Strengthens arts organizations that bring ongoing arts experiences and services to individuals, communities and other organizations throughout the state by providing consistent, unrestricted support for basic operations.


Operating Support for Small Organizations

General Operating Support category designed as a simple way for small arts organizations to apply for funding.


Quarterly Project Support

Provides for a wide variety of quality arts projects and programs and/or for professional development opportunities to assist artistic and managerial staff.



Grant Programs for Artists

Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Initiative

Assists in the transmission and reinforcement of cultural skills and knowledge by providing funds for a master artist’s time and assisting an apprentice with the cost of travel and necessary materials.


S.C. Artists’ Ventures Initiative

Encourages and enables the creation of new artist-driven, art-based business ventures that will provide career satisfaction and sustainability for South Carolina artists.


Artist Fellowships

Recognizes and rewards the artistic achievements of South Carolina’s exceptional individual artists. Fellowship awards are made through a highly competitive, anonymous process and are based on artistic excellence only. The fellowship awards bring recognition that may open doors to other resources and employment opportunities.


Quarterly Project Support

Supports specific arts activities that promote individual artist’s professional development or career advancement. Projects that promote excellence in an arts discipline and make such excellence accessible for general community-wide audiences are also encouraged.



Arts Education Grants

Arts Education Projects

Funds projects and programs that use the arts to meet the educational, developmental and social needs of K-12 students.


Teacher Standards Implementation

Helps arts teachers acquire the supplies, materials, and expertise necessary for meeting the 2010 Visual and Performing Arts Academic Standards.


Arts in Basic Curriculum Advancement

Supports schools, school districts, or gifted and talented consortia committed to implementing standards-based arts curricula and to making the arts an integral part of the basic curriculum and daily classroom instruction.



Awards — Nominations Accepted From the Public

Elizabeth O’Neill Verner Governor’s Awards

The Verner Awards recognize outstanding achievement and contributions to the arts by S.C. individuals and organizations. Nomination categories are Arts in Education, Organization, Government, Business/Foundation, Individual, and Individual Artist.


Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Awards

Recognizes artists who practice traditional art forms handed down through their families and communities and traditional arts advocates who have worked to further traditional culture in the state.



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