South Carolina Arts Commission

Arts Organization Think Tanks

The South Carolina Arts Commission is hosting a series of “think tanks” for arts organization leaders.

Unlike a webinar or panel, the Arts Commission is hosting the virtual space, but is not presenting information. Instead, we hope this think tank space will provide fruitful opportunities for arts organization leaders to connect, share resources, and bounce ideas off of one another. Sessions occur bi-monthly on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 2-3 p.m., and attendance has no bearing on grant status or eligibility.

Arts Industry Director La Ruchala Murphy will attend each session, and is looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about what South Carolina’s incredible arts organizations are doing in and for their communities, and how the SCAC can better support and work in partnership with them.

For questions about active grants, grant applications, and funding opportunities, you might attend a “Grants Coaching” session, which you can find on our website here.

Think Tank Lineup

Find a topic relevant to your organization, or even just you, and register to participate.