Canvass of the People 2020

Now is the time…

to help shape the direction of South Carolina’s vibrant arts and culture community.

Where do we go from here? Well, we need your help.

At the turn of the past few decades, the South Carolina Arts Commission has endeavored to conduct extensive research among arts-inclined South Carolinians in order to form its “Long Range Plan for the Arts.” With a new decade on the horizon, the Canvass of the People is back to get your thoughts on the strengths, challenges, and opportunities for the arts in your community and across the state.

Input will be gathered from October 2019 and into March 2020 in public and private forums and via the brief, anonymous survey at the bottom of this page. We hope to hear from as many citizens as possible, and we’d be grateful if you shared this page with your networks.

Make plans to join a public forum. Our team is working to schedule them in geographically diverse locations so we can meet, chat, and consider what could be for South Carolina’s arts and cultural scene. Check back frequently as we add locations and dates.

Thank you for making South Carolina a culturally vibrant state with your work, support, or both.

Where to share your thoughts

  • Surveying for the Canvass has been completed.