Kristin LaRoy


SCAD Designations

SCAC Verified Teaching Artist

Greenville SC


  • Dance

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • Low Country
  • Western Piedmont


Artist Bio

“Embracing our identity as both movers and creatives, we can celebrate the unique gifts that define us as humans.” Words, spoken by Kristin LaRoy, that are the basis for her work as an artist and multidisciplinary arts integration educator. While LaRoy enjoys creating her own works of art in the performing and fine arts realm, she is also passionate about helping others reach their own creative potential and experiencing the arts for themselves.

With a dance career spanning over 18 years, LaRoy has graced stages across the southern and midwestern United States. Her expertise extends to teaching and directing dance programs in Lexington and Greenville, South Carolina, where she empowers both dancers and non-dancers to embrace movement through contemporary, jazz, modern, and improvisation techniques.

Beyond dance, LaRoy’s passion for fine crafts has flourished over the past nine years, as she has shared her knowledge as a printmaker and arts educator. From festivals to schools, to her own studio at the Travelers Rest Makers Company, she has guided countless individuals through the creative process, imparting artisan techniques along the way.

LaRoy’s dedication and talent have not gone unnoticed, earning her prestigious accolades such as the Carrie and Skip Gordon Emerging Teaching Artist Award and the title of Travelers Rest Business Person of the Year. Her programming has also been recognized as a family favorite, with her contributions earning accolades through Kidding Around Greenville’s KABOOM awards, where her Art Program was hailed as the best.

Artist Statement

I am a dancer, creator, and educator based in Upstate South Carolina, recognized for my dedication to utilizing movement and dance elements to empower individuals of all backgrounds. Through my work, I strive to inspire both dancers and non-dancers, as well as students and fellow educators, to embrace the art of dance and its creative process. Employing techniques such as improvisation, I facilitate the expression of thoughts, feelings, actions, and positivity.

My artistic practice incorporates various elements including body shapes, movement dynamics, levels, energy modulation, and spatial awareness. These tools enable me to convey ideas inspired by literature, the natural world, historical contexts, and human emotions, enriching the narrative of my performances and educational endeavors.

An integral aspect of my approach is informed by the neuroscience of learning and memory retention. This understanding informs my pedagogical methods, allowing me to create experiences that enhance students’ academic understanding and deepen their connection to their own bodies. Witnessing the impact of my work on students’ academic progress and self-awareness energizes me and reaffirms the importance of movement in education.

In today’s fast-paced world dominated by fleeting electronic distractions, I am driven by a belief in movement as a more profound tool for both educational success and emotional well-being. Through my artistic and educational endeavors, I aim to champion the transformative power of movement, fostering a deeper appreciation for its role in enriching our lives.