Brien Engel




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Brien Engel is an explorer of unusual sounds coaxed out of everyday objects. His main passion is the glass harp, an instrument comprised of 50 wine glasses, which he plays by rubbing his wet fingers on their rims. This enchanting art form dates back to the 18th century, and Brien is one of very few modern practitioners. His repertoire includes pieces by Mozart, Bach, and Haydn, as well as popular standards, movie tunes, ice cream truck songs, and the occasional heavy metal request! In addition to lots of music, Brien incorporates the physics of the glass harp, and science of sound principles in his presentations. He also plays musical saw, bottles, singing bowls, and introduces Ben Franklin’s invention (and the first American musical instrument), the glass armonica. Brien’s show is full of audience involvement as well.This unique presentation has earned acclaim all over the country by countless students, teachers and parents.