Mr. Dove aka Dove Dupree


SCAD Designations

SCAC Verified Teaching Artist


  • Theatre
  • Media Arts
  • Music

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Dove Dupree, aka Mr. Dove, grew up in Philadelphia, PA and eventually moved to the south around the time he started college. He always knew he was called to work with the youth in some way. That may be because he was told that sometimes, he can be a kid at heart. At least this means he can still relate to them. Theater teacher — 2013 – present he has worked as a freelance theater teacher in quite a few spaces. Between summer programs with camp, an elementary school or after school programs, he has taught different techniques from his experiences with theater. Techniques were the basics from stage presence, to stage vocals, to character development and a lot more. The ages ranged from 3rd grade, up to high schoolers. While this is his first year as teaching artist, he has experience working with students, and incorporating learning with arts with them. During his years of working in the elementary schools, after school programs or camps, he has had the ability to write songs collaborating curriculum and school with music. Songs include color theory, fractions, holidays and plenty more. He has collaborated with quite a few teachers with this method. The kids seem to enjoy it, and are able to learn as well.