Kristy Bishop


SCAD Designations

SCAC Verified Teaching Artist



  • Visual Art
  • Folklife/Traditional Arts
  • Crafts

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Kristy Bishop is a fiber artist specializing in weaving and natural dyes in Charleston.She has been involved in education ever since she was the North Charleston Artist in Residence in the 2012-2013 school year. By using techniques and topics of fiber art her curriculum augments what students are currently learning in math, science, and social studies.Using natural dyes, classes explore the scientific theory, critical thinking, all while creating hand dyed artwork.Students will utilize multiplication, fractions, and concrete math concepts through weaving.For social studies, courses discuss indigo’s impact on South Carolina, its importance to the world, and the lowcountry’s connection to West Africa.Through this dye, students create batik resists using African Adire symbols that they choose to represent themselves or families.This is a reflective project that also connects to another culture.All of these topics can be tailored to any grade level so that every student can experience an art form that has been used by humans throughout our history.