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2017 Statewide Arts Conference
No Time Like the Future

Session Descriptions



Opening Keynote


Presented by: Elizabeth Merritt, Founding Director, Center for the Future of Museums, American Alliance of Museums


Recycle & Renew: Hands on Art Making


Presented by: Artists Flavia Lovatelli and Tabitha Ott


In this make-and-take session, Columbia artists Flavia Lovatelli and Tabitha Ott will explain how and why they use repurposed and recycled materials to create their work, including wearable art. Find out why artists are on the forefront of current recycling and sustainability practices and how they are attempting to reduce waste and pollution. Plus, Flavia and Tabitha will help you create your own small, wearable artwork from repurposed paper or plastic. Feel free to bring a few colorful, hard plastic scraps that you want to repurpose.


    A Glimpse Backstage: Behind the Scenes Tour


    Presented by: Robyn Adams, Registrar, Paul Matheny, Director of Collections and Lori Kornegay, Curator of Art, S.C. State Museum


    Curious about what goes into the planning, preparation, and exhibiting of art and artifacts? Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum’s prep and storage spaces and find out how the State Museum makes its collections accessible to the public. You’ll gain a greater appreciation of the objects you see on display when you find out how the museum stores and protects what’s not on display. This customized tour has been designed specifically for our conference.


Peering into the Financial Future


Presented by: Elizabeth Merritt, Founding Director, Center for the Future of Museums, American Alliance for Museums

Buffeted by rapid shifts in audience demographics, patterns of cultural consumption, philanthropy and business enterprise, it is no longer sufficient for nonprofits to tweak traditional sources of income. Our field must reexamine the fundamental assumptions that constrain our thinking, and pioneer new strategies for sustainable support. Museum futurist Elizabeth Merritt examines the trends reshaping the nonprofit economy, and envisions new business models that may arise in response to the cultural, economic, technological and political forces shaping our field.


Combating Resistance in Your Art Practice


Presented by: Rodney Lee Rogers, Facilitator, South Carolina Artists U

What impedes our practice as artists? It can be everything from overwhelming odds to the minutiae of daily life. This workshop takes an in-depth look at thought patterns and habits that generate resistance and provides tools and planning that can help combat the forces that stop us.


Transformation: Creating Asset-Based Diversity and Inclusion Strategies


Presented by: Margie Johnson Reese, Principal Consultant, MJR Partners


Conversations about diversity and inclusion within the cultural sector often begin from a deficit perspective. Organizations tend to fear that dollars will be taken away from them or that their creative enterprises will be negatively affected if they don't diversify their staff, boards or programming. Thinking about the trend toward inclusive practices brings about some amount of anxiety and fear of conflict. This session will share the process of developing a Cultural Equity statement for your organization and  focus on the benefits and practical approaches to developing cultural diversity policies and practices specific to your organization. 


NASCAR, Improv, and Advocacy?


Presented by: GP McLeer, Executive Director, S.C. Arts Alliance


Join this session to get your advocacy motor running! Learn the seven steps of being an effective advocate, then take another turn around the track and learn how to create an advocacy campaign for your arts issue at every level. We’ll use a new advocacy planning tool to walk through building a successful campaign, plus take a few lessons from Improv to heighten your ability to be an effective advocate.


ArtsGrow SC


Presented by: Joy Young, Program Director, S.C. Arts Commission


The arts and artists contribute greatly to the vibrancy of a community. As the owner of small and micro businesses, artist entrepreneurs have the potential to contribute economically, culturally, and socially to their communities. Access to resources -- specifically capital -- is a critical need. The ArtsGrow SC program combines the strengths of the S.C. Arts Commission and CommunityWorks to offer business development resources for artists, including personalized coaching and workshops and access to funds through a savings program, micro-business loans and grants. This session will provide artists with an overview of the ArtsGrow SC program, offer insights about growing your arts-based business, and share specifics of how to apply to ArtsGrow SC.



Have Exhibition, Will Travel


Presented by: Cassie Ward, Collections Outreach Manager, S.C. State Museum


The Traveling Exhibits Program (TEP) at the South Carolina State Museum provides museums, art centers, universities and other institutions with high quality and affordable traveling exhibitions focusing on art, history, science related to South Carolina. These exhibits provide a variety of creative and educational shows for institutions of any size, from museums, galleries, libraries, schools and more. 


This program also provides traveling services for exhibits from other institutions. SCSM currently travels 14 TEPs, four of which are produced by other institutions. SCSM is in the process of expanding this program, and would like to develop a larger network of organizations.


Join this Q&A session to find out more about this program and opportunities to work collaboratively. 


Moonshot! Exploring the State Art Collection in Eclipsing 50


Presented by: Harriett Green, Visual Arts Director, S.C. Arts Commission and Lori Kornegay, Curator of Art, S.C. State Museum


The State Art Collection is considered the most comprehensive public collection of works by contemporary South Carolina artists and was established in 1967 as one of the first programs of the South Carolina Arts Commission. Eclipsing 50: The State Art Collection 1967 - 2017 includes more than 80 pieces from the collection and focuses on the spirit of dynamism and leaps of artistic faith revealed in this singular cultural document of our state’s changing art landscape. Spanning work from the last five decades, Eclipsing 50 delves into the idea of artistic exploration and looks at S.C. artists who challenged themselves to reach boldly beyond their respective eras in the universal pursuit of artistic expression. Learn about the creative “moonshots” through the years that have helped define this unique collection.


Over the Moon: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Museums


Presented by: Paul Matheny, Director of Collections, Tom Falvey, Director of Education, and JoAnn Zeise, Curator of History, S.C. State Museum


Explore the newly redesigned fourth floor telescope gallery, the Boeing Observatory, and the recently launched space exhibition focusing on Lancaster, S.C. native astronaut Charles Duke. The telescope gallery incorporates artwork specifically chosen and commissioned by the museum for S.C. artists to create for this space and the Duke exhibition was developed as part of the museum’s celebration of this year’s historic eclipse in August. This session will explore the opportunities, challenges and unexpected insights gained by the museum’s interdisciplinary approach, through the lens of each of these areas.


Our Art, Our History Tour – Art Imitates Life Imitates Art


Presented by: Jennifer Lee, History and Art Education Manager, S.C. State Museum


Experience first-hand how artists through the ages have held a mirror up to their world and created works that not only enchant the eye, but can tell us much about their lives and our own history. On this tour, participants will see South Carolina from a more creative point of view and learn how art pieces serve as historic documents.


Planetarium Potpourri


Presented by: Liz Klimek, Planetarium Manager, S.C. State Museum


Enjoy eye-popping samples of some of the shows available in the State Museum’s 55-foot digital dome planetarium and get the scoop on how the staff curates and creates content, including what the future might hold for amateur and professional filmmakers using fish-eye media. Planetarium Manager Liz Klimek will answer questions and customize the samples viewed based on your input.


4-D Theater Show


The only permanent theater of its kind in the state, the State Museum's 4-D theater combines a 3-D visual experience with a fourth environmental dimension such as blasts of air and vibrating seats, offering programs that complement museum exhibits. More to come about what you can experience during the conference.


Museum Tours


Experience an in-depth tour of the State Museum’s exhibits led by a volunteer docent.




About the 2017 Conference

For more information, please contact Joy Young (803-734-8203).