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2008 Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Awards

Chip ChipmanRichard "Chip" Chipman, Moncks Corner
2008 Recipient for Advocacy - Bluegrass Music


Chip Chipman is no stranger to folks in the world of bluegrass music. Chipman has owned and operated Low Country Music in Moncks Corner since 1987. Since its opening, the store has been a meeting place for musicians of all ages and skill levels to gather, play and learn from one another. Chipman is also the organizer and presenter of the annual "Pickin' in the Park Music Festival" at Old Santee Canal Park. This daylong program of bluegrass music features bands from across South Carolina and throughout the region. He features a contingent of his music students on stage as well.


Chipman's exposure to bluegrass and country music dates back to his childhood in Kentucky. He learned to play traditional tunes by listening to his brothers, watching them play and observing their various styles. Fifty years later, Chipman continues to pass these traditions along to a new generation of musicians, some as young as five-years-old.


Chipman teaches between 50 and 60 students per week at his store in Moncks Corner. Many of the locals have affectionately coined the store the "Low Country Bluegrass Academy." He works with all ages, but prefers to teach children 16 and younger. One of his students traveled to Greensboro, N.C., in 2007 and placed first in the National Youth Competition. Another student recently earned a music scholarship and is now attending the College of Charleston. Chipman frequently visits Berkeley County schools and demonstrates the techniques and instrumentation of bluegrass music.


In 2005, Chipman received the "Lifetime Commitment Award" from Bluegrass on the Waccamaw, a non-profit organization that organizes the annual "Bluegrass on the Waccamaw" music festival in Conway.


Will GoinsWill Moreau Goins, Columbia
2008 Recipient for Native American Traditions


Will Moreau Goins has dedicated his life to preserving, presenting and performing Native American music traditions, beadwork and storytelling. He weaves the ancient past, mythology and the present with dramatic narratives and song.


He inherited his artistic inclinations from his family members, matriarchs and those who continued the traditions of his ancestors. The son of Cherokee artist Elsie Taylor Goins, he traces his musical heritage back to the ancient chants of the indigenous cultures of the Southeast. As a teenager, Goins was already teaching younger children and exposing them to a wide variety of Cherokee art forms, including beadwork, a tradition passed down to him by his great aunt, Corrie Sisney.


Forch Allen, Goins' great-great-grandfather, was a medicine man in Oconee County and practiced along the Tugaloo River. Forch's son, Alexander Allen, was also a medicine man who practiced throughout the Smoky Mountains and was referred to as "Doctor" in United States census records. Focusing on contemporary medicine men, Goins traveled throughout the Southeastern United States collecting and documenting data regarding medical practices among a variety of Native American tribes. 


He has worked with Native American people, organizations and agencies for over 30 years and has an integral role with the Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois and United Tribes of South Carolina Inc. This non-profit organization is "dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of South Carolina Native American history, culture, and heritage."


For years, Goins has been passionately involved with the American Indian Educational Program, working specifically with K-12 students. He is presently a part of the Humanities Council SC Speaker's Bureau and currently serves as the president of the S.C. Traditional Arts Network. In addition to song, storytelling and beadwork, Goins leads the Cultural Arts Ensemble, a dance troupe that travels the region to perform Native American ceremonial dances, including the "Stomp" and "Round" dances.

About the Folk Heritage Awards


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