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SC Arts Commission Services

Capacity Building


The S.C. Arts Commission provides Leadership, Organization, and Artist Development services. Capacity Building* workshops are offered to arts organizations statewide, led by Joy Young, SCAC Program Director, along with invited presenters.


Delivered in a lecture style with discussion and hands-on tools, these capacity building workshops will provide assistance for arts organizations to help them develop and grow. With focus on the health, capacity and stability of the arts organization, these workshops can be further customized to meet the needs of the individuals and organizational representatives attending.


Topics include:


  • Network and Knowledge – This workshop starts with an opportunity to network with colleagues. As the workshop progresses you will learn more about South Carolina Arts Commission programs and services. The second half of the workshop is completely customizable to your needs. You can have facilitated discussions about building the arts in your community; you can have “show and tell” as a way to deepen your networking. You may even decide that skill-building is necessary, and we would then address specific issues related to board governance, strategic planning, or nonprofit best practices. This workshop is about you and the opportunity to network and gain knowledge.

  • Board Governance for the Arts – Arts organizations face critical budget challenges, rapidly changing social needs, and a less-than-friendly political climate. Nonprofit board leaders and senior management need to employ more effective board governance, fulfill critical roles and responsibilities and institute best practices. Is your board ready to do this given the climate? This workshop will provide information, skills, and techniques to prepare board leaders and executive staff to overcome these and other challenges.

  • Strategic Planning for the Arts Organization– Is there a clear picture of where your arts organization is, where it should be going, and how to get there? Strategic Planning is a process that helps to answer these questions. In today's unstable, ever-changing environment, strategic planning can help arts organizations identify and act upon new opportunities for organizational growth. This workshop, geared to executive staff and board members, will introduce the key concepts and techniques of strategic planning with useful handouts and planning forms.

  • Cultural Access and the Arts - This workshop is conducted in conjunction with Arts Access South Carolina: Cultural Access and the Arts. People of all abilities deserve access to the arts. Do you know what it takes to provide engaging programming and be ADA compliant? Are you looking for ideas to program with inclusion? This workshop is meant to provide arts organizations with the most up-to-date tools and information on ADA compliance. You’ll gain understanding of compliance and ideas on how best to include people with disabilities in cultural events.

  • Getting to the Goal: Working Together to Get There - Team work is really about being committed enough to work to get to the goal.Do you know what your goals are, and can you get there with your current team? If you answered anything but yes to this question this workshop will be well worth your time. You and your team members will focus on team-building in context of your goals and the real work that lies ahead in implementing them. You will identify strengths needed by your team, and match those strengths to your team's roles and responsibilities. We will discuss accountability to the task, to each other, and more importantly, to the people you serve. This is a terrific workshop for artists, arts leaders and volunteers in the arts.


For more information, contact Joy Young (803-734-8203) at the South Carolina Arts Commission.


*Attending a Capacity Building workshop fulfills the expectation of training for recipients of the SCAC Operating Support Grant