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A Long Range Plan for the Arts in South Carolina,

Canvas of the People 2010


Monday, March 22

Black Creek Arts Center


Here's what we heard at the Hartsville Canvas forum:


What is one thing that is working in the arts, either in your community, the state or elsewhere?


  • Spoleto
  • Local community getting together
  • Florence – new buildings
  • Artists crawl – Hartsville
  • Weldon Auditorium in Clarendon County – new facility; county council behind it
  • Providing leadership for a lot of people to be involved - Hartsville
  • Classes for all ages in Hartsville and Darlington – visual arts
  • Black Creek Arts Council – spreading info, coordinating
  • S.C. Arts Commission – keeps the arts community informed statewide
  • Cooperation – public/private partnerships
  • Darlington School District – business in the arts award
  • School exhibits outside schools
  • Singing in churches is going strong, especially black churches. History and culture of black churches supports learning recitations, poetry
  • Funding mechanisms are clear, e.g. from Black Creek Arts Center and Byerly Foundation
  • Good collaborations between arts organizations and the various arts discipline organization in Hartsville and Florence
  • A number of free events; Coker and Francis Marion
  • Technology is helping everyone to be more aware of what’s going on and cross promote
  • National historical marker/exhibit – Coker Farms in Hartsville – brings in outside visitors
  • Partnership between library and museum
  • Community players, high school theatre and music – extra curricular
  • Volunteers


What is one of the biggest challenges facing the arts?


  • Funding – salaries, utilities, programs
  • Members don’t have the time or money to commit
  • Lack of visibility and communication
  • Budget cuts at school district
  • How to educate and raise awareness, developing audiences for higher-level work
  • Inclusive – cross race barriers
  • Finite pool of donors – corporations
  • Inclusive  more people to learn/ serve
  • How to cultivate younger volunteers 30-50
  • Declining funding = fewer opportunities for younger people
  • Do people really understand the value of K-12 arts education?
  • Change perception; people don’t fully grasp the value that an arts education provides to all other skills; arts are co-curricular, not extra-curricular
  • Emphasis on making money vs. well-rounded education; need to change mindset of public education system
  • Recognize that the arts can serve underserved and underprivileged populations and improve academic success
  • Rural/geography- Cheraw, e.g. doesn’t have a college with music or art departments like Coker or Francis Marion  from which we can utilize faculty and student artists.; it’s challenging to attract artists for events – it costs more to get those artists; hard to get people to come to a rural area
  • Sometimes the arts are seen as elite
  • Competing with sports for audiences; young people’s ideas of entertainment is different from ours; it’s our job to education the young to create new consumers
  • Disabled folks are underserved
  • Some children don’t have basic arts supplies in the home


What is a great opportunity for the arts in our state?


  • Developing heritage corridor/ Gullah-Geechee corrodor; take advantage of ethnic tourism (fastest growing area of tourism)
  • Family reunion market
  • Artisans + “trails” model – promotes cities and artists
  • Link with historic preservation
  • Raise level of arts training – work with university and colleges to train world-class artists
  • cultivating arts culture – in home, civic, public arenas
  • Recognize/take advantage of home-grown talent
  • Promote S.C. as an “arts state” vs. regional approach. We have not set out to be a state with an image/focus.
  • advantage of the weather, long season for outdoor events
  • Need a “buy local” campaign for the arts
  • S.C. Arts Commission and PRT should partner; tap into tourism, put arts into the state tourism plan
  • Get the word out more
  • Cross the digital divide
  • S.C. Arts Commission should toot its own horn more; put S.C. Arts Commission on TV – have its own show?
  • Students can study with living artists in schools


What did you like or not like about this forum?



  • Food
  • Everyone had a chance to give input
  • Organized
  • Facilitator
  • Comfortable location



  • Questions were too broad
  • Need more diverse SCAC staff here
  • How was this meeting promoted?