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S.C. First Novel Competition
previous winners of the First Novel PrizeThe South Carolina First Novel Prize recognizes one of the state's exceptional writers by providing a book contract with Hub City Press. The competition is a highly competitive, anonymous process, open to S.C. writers (18 and up) who have not published a novel before. The top entries will be judged by nationally-recognized novelist Bridgett M. Davis. The submission deadline is March 15.... Read more >>

Folklife and Traditional Arts Grants

South Carolina traditional artists and nonprofits working in the traditional arts are eligible to apply for the Folklife and Traditional Arts apprenticeship program (for artists) and grants (for nonprofits). These programs help preserve and promote traditional practices from a variety of cultures found in South Carolina. Read more about the apprenticeship program (first deadline is Feb. 15). Read more about grants for organizations (deadline is March 15).

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