South Carolina Arts Commission

South Carolina Arts Commission

Find Joy in Art Auction

An Online Art Auction Supporting South Carolina Artists, May 17-28, 2021


with art every day in your home or office


elegant pieces of jewelry, masterful paintings, compelling photographs, functional and decorative ceramic or glass objects, beautiful textiles, virtuoso hand-pulled prints, and well-designed and built furniture




The Auction

Expand the section below to see a list of participating #SCartists. Then, browse a preview of the auction with selected works in the gallery at the bottom.

For further viewing, follow the S.C. Arts Foundation on Instagram: @sc_artsfoundation.

The S.C. Arts Foundation thanks these corporate and individual donors for making “Find Joy in Art” possible:

  • Michael W. Haga & Paul W. Holmes
  • Elizabeth & John Sowards
  • Lizard’s Thicket Restaurants
  • Barbara & Bobby Williams
  • Beth & Scott McMillan
  • Christy & Chris Davis
  • Flavia & Lynn Harton
  • Mary & David Swain
  • Robin Chandler Leverton
  • Pam & Tom Roose
  • Kathleen Bateson
  • Shannon & Steve Bygott

As of May 7, 2021

  • Kent Ambler
  • Alice Ballard (F, SAC)
  • Matthew Baumgardner
  • Eric Benjamin
  • Marty Biernbaum
  • Joann Brown
  • Michaela Pilar Brown
  • Clay Burnette (F, SAC)
  • James Busby (SAC)
  • Michael Cassidy
  • Steven Chapp
  • Charles Clary
  • Diane Kilgore Condon
  • Jim Connell (SAC)
  • Marcy Criner
  • Heidi Darr-Hope (F, SAC)
  • Jeff Donovan
  • Sterling Victoria Duke
  • Clark Ellefson (F, SAC)
  • Diana Farfan
  • Amiri Farris
  • Renee Fleuranges-Valdes
  • Mark Flowers (SAC)
  • Susan Gregory
  • Susan Hecht
  • Robb Helmkamp
  • Peter Helwing
  • Lacey Hennessey
  • Mana Hewitt (F)
  • Carolyn Jebaily
  • Betsy Kaemmerlen
  • Susan Lenz
  • Flavia Lovatelli
  • Laura Lynn Luce
  • Lee Malerich (F, SAC)
  • Garland Mattox
  • Mary-Louise Miller
  • Eric Moore
  • Mark Mulfinger
  • Rosetta Nesbitt
  • Dorothy Netherland
  • Brenda Orcutt
  • Jay Owens
  • Anne Darby Parker
  • Olivia Perrault
  • Melanie Pouch
  • Leslie Darwin Pratt-Thomas
  • Anna Redwine (SAC)
  • Edward Rice (F, SAC)
  • Lisa Rivers
  • David Russell (SAC)
  • Brian Rutenberg (SAC)
  • Cindy Saad
  • Virginia Scotchie
  • Lee Sipe (SAC)
  • Michael Smalls & Dino Badger
  • Paula Smith (F)
  • Tom Stanley (G, SAC)
  • Meredith Stoudenmire
  • Linda Tully
  • Leo Twiggs (G, SAC)
  • Jugnu Verma (FH)
  • Daphne Von Baur (SAC)
  • Katie Walker
  • Mary Walker
  • Ann Watcher
  • Beth Wicker (SAC)
  • Cecil Williams (G, SAC)
  • Mickey Williams
  • Denise Woodward-Detrich
  • David Yaghjian
  • Aggie Zed

(F) Artist is an S.C. Arts Commission Fellow
(FH) Artist is a recipient of the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award
(G) Artist is a recipient of the South Carolina Governor’s Award for the Arts
(SAC) Artist has work included in the State Art Collection

For any questions you may have, please contact Cathy Lee ( | 803.734.8674).

Gallery of Select Artworks

A sampling of some of the art ready for your bids, now through May 28!