Markus Tracy


SCAD Designations

SCAC Verified Teaching Artist



  • Visual Art
  • Design Arts
  • Storytelling

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Markus is a multidisciplinary artist with a socially-engaged practice focusing on murals, installations, and site-specific projects. He is also a teaching artist who has taught, partnered, and consulted with schools, communities, state art councils/commissions, municipal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and correctional facilities.

Markus’ latest artist in residence was with The Art of Community: Rural SC, an initiative of the South Carolina Arts Commission, which he partnered with the communities of Estill and Blackville in completing several socially engaged projects (refer to website at: .

Being a multidisciplinary artist with a socially engaged practice is about being “civically engaged” through partnerships in the understanding and/or celebration of socioeconomic concerns; cultural equity, diversity, and inclusion; conflict resolution; past histories and current events, environmental preservation and conservation. Outcomes of these ‘shared experiences’ empowers individuals, schools, and communities at-large fostering tolerance, respect, stronger communities, and an outlet for artistic expression, access to social services, and life-skill exercises in and through the arts.