Will Shaw



Horry County, SC


  • Theatre

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Artist Bio

40 years of experience as a mime/actor. A master’s degree in Theater from the University of South Carolina. Master’s degree in Counseling University of South Carolina. Several years of touring experience as an actor/mime with The Baillie Players and Patchwork Players. 22 years as a Therapist with Department of Mental Health, 12 years as a roving/strolling mime at Broadway at the Beach. 15 years as a roving/strolling Family kingdom. Several years as a member on the Artist Roster as an Artist in Residence Program (South Carolina Arts Commission S.C.).

Artist Statement

I plan to educate and entertain in the areas of theater and mime artistry. I will teach the relationship of mime artistry and theater, alone with the association of non-verbal communication mime and life. Example; ( No one was born speaking, we all learned how to communicate with others without speaking at birth until we could talk. ) I plan to demonstrate situations of this in my performances or residences. I will also give other examples of how gestures and movement continue in our life after we are talking.