Veneshia Stribling


Richland, SC


  • Dance

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Artist Bio

Ms. Stribling is a Columbia, SC native and Columbia College (SC) alumna who received both her B.A. in Dance Education in 2005 and her M.Ed. in Divergent Learning in 2007. She has been teaching dance in SC public schools full-time since 2005. In 2016, she chartered a high school’s National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) chapter, enabling high school seniors to graduate with Honors recognition. In 2019, she revitalized that school’s dance team into an HBCU Dance-inspired program that performs at Varsity sporting events. A few of her accolades include Teacher of the Year (2009-2010), SC Dance Association Educator of the Year (2012), Region 11 Magnet School of America Teacher of the Year (2013), SC Dance Association Arts Advocacy Award (2016), and District Lead Dance Educator. Being a dance studio-trained student who also participated in her public high school’s Dance program, Ms. Stribling’s intention as a Dance Educator is to mold her students into passionate lifelong arts advocates.

Beyond the classroom, Ms. Stribling served as the Tri-District Arts Consortium (Tri-DAC) Summer Enrichment Dance Department Staff (2008-2016), the Auxiliary Coordinator for the Fairfield Central High School Golden Griffin Marching Band (2013- 2018), and the Assistant Dance Coach to the Golden Jackettes Danceline of the Allen University Marching Band of Gold (2019-2021), former Regional Coordinator (Midlands) for the SC Dance Association, and current HBCU Dance Team Ad Hoc Committee Chair for the SC Dance Association.

Artist Statement

As a dance artist, my journey is a unique blend of personal narrative and artistic expression. Hailing from the South (Columbia, South Carolina), my identity as a black female shapes the lens through which I interpret and embody the roles I’m cast in. My experiences growing up in a rich cultural tapestry influence not just my movements but also the depth I bring to each performance.

In every dance role I take on, I find a way to intertwine elements of my personal life, drawing from the essence of my roots. It’s a delicate dance between the choreography set before me and the authentic nuances of my own story. This fusion allows me to breathe life into the characters I portray, infusing them with a genuine and resonant energy that goes beyond mere steps.

One of the most profound aspects of my role is the connection forged with my fellow dancers. In ensemble pieces, we become a collective storyteller, weaving a narrative through synchronized movements. The shared experience of embodying community on stage mirrors the unity we cultivate behind the scenes. Our diverse backgrounds converge into a harmonious celebration of movement, transcending individual stories to create a larger, more inclusive narrative.

Through this process, I not only contribute to the artistic tapestry of dance but also aim to foster a sense of understanding and unity. It’s a powerful form of communication that extends beyond words, connecting hearts and minds through the universal language of movement. As a black female artist, I take pride in embracing my heritage and using it as a source of strength, resilience, and inspiration in every dance I undertake.