Shea Abramo


Anderson, SC


  • Visual Art
  • Photography

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country



Artist Bio:
Shea Abramo, the jolliest outcast, born in Arizona and raised nationwide, resides as a full time artist in Upstate South Carolina. Creating her own following of supporters through the service industry, years of observing and tending to others, she now serves her community through art. Commercial projects such as murals, illustrations, and live paintings, to community outreach with children and the homeless, Shea’s art background has always been for the people. Through self education and mentors of all styles and mediums, Shea has gained technique and developed a pallete of her own. Her style has gone from whimsy abstract to an intriguing form of what she has deemed Photo Illusionism. Her aesthetic choices are influenced from photographs and applied with her style of brush strokes with intentional rule-breaking within her composition. Shea’s paintings have a way of capturing your curiosity and inviting you to dig deeper. She says, ‘I want you to feel! I want to stir emotions inside of you. I want you confused and questioning. And I want you to want more.’ Her choice of titles, textures, and objects can be relative to anyone, cultivating an immediate relationship between the viewer and the piece.

Artist Statement:

I’m Shea Abramo, and I am an award winning artist!  I still feel so fresh in this art world that I have barely cracked the surface to what my brush and my mind can do.  Although, now, exhibitions are my passion, but my true street creds come from the annual art shows I would put together, gathering artists, writers, and musicians in my town of Anderson, South Carolina.  Genetically mapped to be the outgoing gem that I am, I was creating an environment where the artist can be seen, music and poets can be heard, all the while selling our works, some for the very first time. “You are WORTHY!” I realized my voice and my actions could speak volumes and go anywhere.  I chose to surround myself around those more experienced and sponge their atmosphere by asking as many questions as I could. Once I was able to channel the energy I used while learning and produce images, my world changed.

Happy acts of randomness, I call it.  I have created a relationship with my paints to portray a feeling, a memory, or a place you might also recall.  The acrylic mediums dry as fast as my ideas come. As time changes and the world as we know it can present what seems dark, leery and alone…I prefer the bright, dreamy and lightness of my experiences.  To capture what others find distasteful and somehow apply the whimsy and prefer to apply it thick and busy.  At one point I thought I was without Abend, without political statements, and just beautiful world.  Whilst spreading the joy I have become quite the leader in our community, using art to  Gather people of all mediums, using art to bring joy to others, to help them see things from a different perspective, and bringing the areas of need to light through not only art, but just talking about it.  I have an agenda, I am political, and I still just want a beautiful world.  If I had a bumper sticker it would say ‘A motley experience and a practiced lifestyle.’