Murhl Bussey


Aiken County, SC


  • Literature

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Artist Bio

Murhl Teresa Bussey MEd/CMHC (1 year in Human Behavior program/PhD) Educator (College & High School) Creative writing and Poetry workshops (All grade levels), Self-published author/ poet / storyteller/ playwright/ orator/ performance art, writing as therapy, in-service teacher presentations.

Artist Statement

For teacher in-service presentation and writing/poetry workshops for students: I have several years of professional teaching and mental health counseling experience. I am a specialist in cross-cultural communication with more than 10 years of experience working with teens and adolescents in creative writing and poetry workshops. I am a collaborator and active-listener and I have developed meaningful relationships with students, parents, teachers, and other educational staff members. On a college level I have taught Intro to Literature, English Composition I & II, Psychology, and Sociology, served as lead teacher for The Move on When Ready Program and taught Psychology and Sociology online and in-class to high school students.

My artistic approach to learning and how I addresses specific themes or issues: The purpose of the Teacher In-Service Presentations is to assist teachers in merging an artform as an intricate part of multi-sensory learning. This feature will aid teachers in creating a more productive workspace in the classroom that is beneficial to increasing student’s participation, improving grades, and encouraging behavioral changes. Combining an artform with multisensory learning such as visual and auditory for example, helps students learn better when taught to use more than one sense. Students, as a result of this, will be better prepared with advantageous approaches to learning. My presentations/workshops offer innovate methods that will empower a teacher in creating a classroom designed to support learning for any student. Presented is an educational model designed specifically to support teachers in fostering stability, rational thinking, mental well-being of students, and so much more. Academic performance areas such as Social Studies, Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Writing will benefit when incorporating an artform. In addition to this, this proposed presentation can support the goal of teachers to achieve higher test scores.

The purpose of creative writing and poetry workshops with students help to build self-esteem, encourage vocabulary building, and help students to set higher goals for learning. I love to see eyes of students widen when realizing how creative writing helps him or her feel more confident in his or her own abilities. It gives him or her the opportunity to explore different worlds and ideas of others while creating his or her own without fear of being judged. Creative writing and poetry writing teach children to express themselves creatively through the words they use (build vocabulary) and it also teaches him or her to become more confident when speaking in front of others.