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Jeff Holland is a multi-ethnic percussion instructor who uses his travel experiences to create a “Musical Journey Around Our World” for the participants in his Teaching Artist Residencies and variety of other motivational programs. Through more than twenty years of presentation, these programs have proven to reduce stress in the body, improve focus in the mind, and create connections in each community. Music is the universal language, and rhythm is the most primitive element of music. Everything that makes up our bodies and constructs our world uses rhythm and pattern. Jeff realized the positive affects that rhythm had on his audiences, and then he developed Arts Integration with Academic Standards to make education deeper and more meaningful. Interactive participants are fully engaged one hundred percent, and this opens windows of communication for education, team and character building. He has traveled the world, and always brings back suitcases filled with new-found knowledge and experience. The knowledge from his traditional teachers, the techniques of classical training, and exponential team-building all come together to “Motivate People With The Rhythms of Life.” You can find out more about Jeff and the many branches of his business tree at www.DRUM4WORK.com, www.OURWORLDFESTIVAL.com, or www.DRUM234.com.