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Gail Glover Faust is a 40 plus year veteran of the dance arts and education. She owned her own dance studio in NJ and SC teaching ages 2 – 65, for 25 years. As an arts commission artist since 2005 she has worked statewide and has taught dance nationally and internationally. She teaches a variety of dance including African dance, Harlem Renaissance, Motown, Ballet, Tap, and many other techniques. Gail shares with students the cultural, economic, social and historical value of dance and how dance was integrated and was a catalyst for change during the time period. She loves to share her passion and expertise through dance education with all ages. Her interactive professional development workshops serve to stimulate teachers imagination and encourage them to use movement in the classroom. Gail continues to seek out and present a curriculum that engages and educates.


Shelly Rowan

Sara Collins Elementary / Teacher

I have worked with Mrs. Faust for 4 years. All of my classes have LOVED having her. Mrs. Faust teaches the Harlem Renaissance to my 5th graders. She brings the content to life through dance! She creates an unforgettable experience for the students. I can't teach Harlem Renaissance without her!

(March 7, 2022)

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