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Artist Bio

Joy Spirithawk Evans, being of Cherokee Heritage, fell in love with Native American Jewelry many years ago. Having a torching desire, she decided to learn to create the Jewelry herself, hand hammering, stamping & filing each piece in the old Southwest Indian way. After a 25-year career as a Design, Advertising & Sign Artist with her business “Sign Art” in Greenville, SC, she then turned the page becoming a self taught Silversmithing/Metalsmithing.

“My jewelry designs are taking me on a journey back in time. Through my hands the ones who came before create again, guiding and inspiring me. I design, hand hammer, shape, stamp & file each piece in the old southwest Indian way. With each piece completed, I am left in amazement with what the hands and heart can create from a sheet of silver or copper, and stones dug from out Mother Earth. It tugs at the heart. No two pieces are ever exactly alike. This style of jewelry is history in the making. It not only is a monetary investment but an investment in beauty to enjoy every minute of the day. I am a silversmith, metalsmith, herbalist, musician, painter, design & sign artist. The creativity that has fueled my life was not learned in a classroom but given to me as a gift. I am grateful. Living in “SaKaNaGa” (Cherokee for “The Great Blue Hills of God”) the Blue Ridge Mountains, brings great peace & inspiration.

Now after years of creating statement pieces Joy wants to make sure this ancient craft of smithing carries on into the future by teaching classes in Silversmithing/Metalsmithing at her Studio in Pickens County. She has also enjoyed being the Metalsmith at Hagood Mill. Her work has been exhibited & sold all over the country and has recently had a show at the Museum in Pickens County, The Blood Connection in Greenville, Cherokee Moon, Belton Heritage Days, and Pendeleton Art Co-op. She was featured in the Feburary 2023 issue of SC Living Magazine, on the TV program Livin’UpstateSC.com and won 1st place for a sterling and turquoise bear claw necklace in the Mountain View Americana Art Show.

Her style of Jewelry is loved by people with Native taste or who just want a nice different piece. She also works with clients to create that special custom piece. Joy Spirithawk is the author of “How To Make Basic Silver & Copper Jewelry”.

Artist Statement

A few years ago Silversmithing and Metalsmithing was a dying art. Companies that supplied findings for this craft “out West” were going out of business. I decided to start teaching instead of just creating, to help with this cause. My students are amazing me with what they are now producing.