Dwayne McMillan



Greenville County, SC


  • Music

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
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Artist Bio

Starting as a young child and throughout my career, music has played an enormous role in my life. I love using it to help lead, encourage, and inspire others – as well as to have a good time. I am proud to have blessed thousands every week with the selection of songs played, touching people’s heart in countless ways, uplifting their spirits in very powerful ways. In addition to being the musician, I have helped other musicians succeed by providing advice on how to interact and choose songs people like.

As the Guitar Instructor, at the Salvation Army Ray Kroc Center in Atlanta, Georgia, I achieved great success working with 8-12 year old students, as well as other staff and instructors, parents, and other instructors, teaching: the fundamentals of music, e.g., the bass clef, treble clef, all notes on the musical staff and on the guitar, note values, beat signatures, music theory; and how the guitar playing relates with other instruments.

By researching and updating materials needed for each lesson, I prepared students for performances where parents, family, and friends witnessed their amazing transformations and newly acquired abilities to play songs with other students in the summer program. To provide the best education possible, I learned about, played, and shared information about other styles of music, which included: Gospel, Jazz, Rock, Blues, and R&B.

Currently a resident of Greenville, South Carolina. Dwayne studied Business Administration at York College in York, Pennsylvania.

Artist Statement

Playing music provides artists with several rewards simultaneously: the instant gratification of feeling, hearing, and experience the meaning of the lyrics, the music, the combination; seeing the profound impact on the faces of the audience members, the “dance joy” felt as they move their entire bodies on the dance floor – or just tap their feet from their chairs; and the applause and words of appreciation – spoken and written. Many people have literally been brought to tears! Some say it was the best and most meaningful experience they have had in a very long time. They start dancing, laughing, and demonstrating their festive moods! Kids, teens, adults, black, white, green, and yellow – the music touches all ethnicities.

As a resident of Greenville, South Carolina, I perform throughout the city, including serving: as the lead guitarist at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral for nine years; with Bishop T.D. Jakes for two years; and currently work with churches to provide ministry and support for those in our community struggling with hurts, habits, or hang-ups, who are ready to work their way through a process of recovery with others and with God.

As the owner of a local production company called RaDaQuin Music Group LLC, D&B Productions, I have established a very successful variety band called D’Mac & Friends. In addition, while living in Atlanta, I had a very successful weekly show at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport called “Just Me And My Guitar.”

Moreover, I direct and run a nonprofit organization called the “Father & Son Bonding” Project, Inc., established to rebuild the family unit by providing assistance to fathers whose lives have been impacted by incarceration, who voluntarily seek rehabilitation through participation in the program. It features employment assistance, financial planning, mentoring and life skills, and business ownership. Music used as a vehicle to bridge communication gaps between races, societies, governments, and religious sectors. By delivering the music, I hope to open the door to a continued bonding relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a Christian man of deep faith, I am proud that my music, my art, my efforts impact the lives of those who share my exact beliefs, as well as the lives of people of all backgrounds and nationalities.