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Darryl, not a native of South Carolina, was born and raised on a small island in the northern part of the U.S. – Manhattan. However, Charleston, his mother’s hometown became his home when he came down to care for his parents in their later years.

Darryl & Angela met in March of 1996 on Darryl’s first day in S.C. As most love stories go, they fell in love and were married three years later. Within that first year of marriage, Angela began teaching Darryl the Art of Sweetgrass Basketry. After just 2 years of learning the craft, Darryl created a new way of designing his sweetgrass baskets. He incorporates patterns and designs in the baskets that he creates using the same materials with which the baskets are already made. Angela is a native of South Carolina. At the early age of 5 years old, she was taught the art of sweetgrass basket making by her grandmother, Mrs. Rebecca Jefferson. As a child, when her elementary school would let out, Angela would walk 1/2 a mile, through the woods, to the basket stand her grandmother owned, along Hwy 17 in Mount Pleasant, SC. It was there that Angela began to perfect her lifelong skill as a sweetgrass basket maker. Darryl and Angela have been selling their baskets, together since May of 2009. They also give educational lectures on the history and use of sweetgrass baskets.