Clevis Harrison


Orangeburg, SC


  • Photography

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Artist Bio

Born and raised in rural South Carolina, photographer Clevis Harrison grew up in an environment that fostered his passion to create from an early age. Graduating from Claflin University where he studied Studio Art, Harrison’s career began documenting events that shaped his community and culture through music, fashion, politics, and sports.

After graduating Harrison went on to work in several areas of photography and create some of his most memorable experiences throughout the world. His inspirations are varied, culled from design, architecture, art, and cinema.

Harrison’s projects span the world as he has traveled throughout the world to more than 50 countries documenting through his lens furthering his connection and appreciation of diverse cultures that contribute to his global perspective with his work. Working almost exclusively with natural light, Harrison imbues his subjects with a sense of power, serenity, and honesty.

Artist Statement

My process as a photographer is to view the world as an artist first wondering with curiosity and allowing the camera in my experience to lead me where my eyes discover some familiarity. When given enough time I seek to find the essence of my subject, may it be a person or scene. I try to arrive initially in a situation or place with as few rational preconceptions as possible.

During these times it’s almost impossible as I was conditioned by education, culture, and life experiences. I desire to create what makes us who we are in this current time that’s truthful of the emotions we have with ourselves. The curiosities of the environment mixed with elements of the unknown awaiting to be unwrapped is how I view the world.

It’s when I press the shutter that all of my experiences throughout my life combined with my passion for art, cinema, music, & architecture guide my eyes and feelings to hold onto that moment. I often gravitate to textures, deep shadows, and rich vibrant colors that are cut from reflecting natural light. These attributes assist in emotions that can be somewhat inspired from the works of artists Edward Hopper, Jonathan Green, Carravaggio, Gerhard Richter, MC Esher, architects Santiago & Gabrielle Calatrava, and David Adjaye.

It’s about having a connection to the environment and it’s my work when in its purest form responds to the visual exploration to discovery on one level. If I knew what it was I wanted in advance I’m not sure I would choose photography as my medium. The part that excites me about photography is its very uncertainty. The fact that it’s not just the photographer but the vagaries of the world that result in the photograph that reveal emotions, connection, and storytelling.