Mahoganee Amiger


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SCAC Verified Teaching Artist



  • Music

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  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country



“As a performing and recording artist for over 30 years it is my purpose to inspire, educate and uplift our youth through music. To teach young people the greater possibilities of who they can become when they embrace their natural gifts through empowering and educational mentorship via the arts. Being who you are comfortably in your skin gives others permission to do the same which in my opinion is a direct counteract to bullying. Arming students with the power to love themselves and understand that creativity is a great source of their power is a fundamental key in what I reflect to my students.”


Mahoganee, affectionately called “The Sea Island Songbird,” is a lowcountry soul musician with dynamic and powerful vocal abilities, she is a talented songwriter, poet, content creator, graphic designer, documentary photographer and arts advocate. She was born and raised in Summerton, South Carolina and has traveled abroad with performances and artist residencies in Cuba, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago. Mahoganee had a two-year residency performing and learning from Gullah Historian and entertainer Dr. Marlena Smalls and the Hallelujah Singers, who were also S.C. Tourism Ambassadors. The international travels along with her Southern upbringing has created a beautiful and unique style, deemed “Funky Organik Soul,” which is a blend of Southern soul, funk, jazz, blues, and hip-hop with African and Caribbean influences created by she and her husband, music producer André Amigér.

Mahoganee has been a member of the recording academy (Grammys) for several years and a GrammyU mentor. A volunteer for District Advocate, the biggest grassroots advocacy program which is a voice for the music makers helping to shape the discussion on policies impacting our music community. This advocacy successfully led to the House passing the CASE Act just weeks after District Advocate in 2019, to successfully urging Congress to provide billions in COVID relief for music makers and businesses in 2020.

Mahoganee has most recently self-released her fourth studio album entitled “Textures of a Southern Soul” (a Gullah Geechee Soul) now available on all streaming platforms.