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Arts Daily

The S.C. Arts Commission's Online and On-Air Arts Calendar



Art is happening every day. Here's how to find it. What is Arts Daily?

Arts Daily is an online arts calendar and companion radio feature administered by the South Carolina Arts Commission in partnership with South Carolina Public Radio and the College of Charleston. It's your one-stop, 24/7 shop for information about arts events and opportunities happening in South Carolina and surrounding areas, including performances, exhibitions, contests, auditions, screenings, classes, and more. Visit Arts Daily to add your arts event, search for what's happening, or just browse the listings.


Arts Daily is produced by Jeanette Guinn, former Director of Performing Arts and Presenting at the South Carolina Arts Commission.



Is my event or opportunity right for Arts Daily?

Is it arts-related, open to the public, and of interest to people in South Carolina? Then yes!



How do I get my listing on the radio or on the Arts Daily website?

It's easy: Just visit Arts Daily and click "Submit Event." Write your radio announcement (the Event Description) and include details such as a title for your event or opportunity, a brief description, dates and location. Complete the rest of the form so that website users will find your listing.



Can I post my listing on your Facebook Wall?

No, because we want to make sure it's in the searchable Arts Daily database, where everyone can find it easily.



Why don't I see my listing on the website?

Submissions must be edited and coded before they appear on the site, which is why we ask that you submit your information at least one month in advance of the event date.



Why haven't I heard my event on the radio?

We announce as many events as possible in our spots on South Carolina Public Radio, covering a variety of locations, event types, and interests. That's another good reason to submit well in advance: the longer we have your information, the more likely it is that we can find a spot for it on the radio. Also, remember that Arts Daily airs 26 times each week, across the state; you may have just missed your announcement.



Questions or comments? Just drop us an email at info@arts.sc.gov or give us a call at 803-734-8696.