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Welcome to the new

It is no secret that the S.C. Arts Commission was due for a website overhaul. Long, long overdue. Many drafts over many hours culminated in what you see now. It’s here! Here’s a quick, basic primer.

This modern new website was designed to reflect how constituents we serve engage with it. Why do people visit Our research yielded two results: S.C. Arts Commission grants (whether finding or applying) and various programs we offer.

The first thing you might’ve noticed is the icons in the upper right section of each page. (Or for those of you visiting on a mobile device, under the three-lined menu link on the upper right of each page.)

Those represent two things: this agency’s three areas of focus and, more importantly, how the majority of this site’s visitors come to it. For instance, to those working or interested in arts education, clicking on that icon (or hovering your mouse on it for desktop users) takes you to the four ways we work in each focus area.

Not all content has migrated here, and not all will.

This is a “soft release” test phase so we can fine-tune it and get feedback before a hard launch to coincide with the arrival of the new S.C. Arts Directory. We think the layout is intuitive, but you’ll be the ultimate judge. Nose around like a first-time visitor. Let us know if you can’t find something. The site is live, but the behind-the-scenes work will continue until it’s the best resource for South Carolina’s arts community we can make it.

The S.C. Arts Commission offers its considerable thanks to Ben Visser, Evane Williams and the rest of the team at Social Design House in Rock Hill for their hard work, diligence, and patience with us during this process.

Day-to-day maintenance of is the, ahem, domain of the S.C. Arts Commission communications team: