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“The State Art Collection is to many an old friend but to some a new acquaintance. It is the longest continuous running program of the S.C. Arts Commission. As it was over 50 years ago—a visible sign of support of the state’s contemporary artists—it continues to fulfill that goal and is considered an important tangible cultural asset of the Arts Commission.”

  • 2017 statement by Harriett Green, former S.C. Arts Commission visual arts program director

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2 Dr. Sandra Langer, former assistant art history professor at the University of South Carolina, Columbia wrote a SCHOLARLY essay about the State Art Collection. Titled “The State Art Collection: Coming of Age,” the essay was published in the first volume of the State Art Collection which was published in 1987 and(?) covers works collected during the period 1967-1987.
7 The Collection was under the management of the COLUMBIA Museum of Art in Columbia where is was stored from 1967-1972.
8 The collection is composed of ICONIC works representing many 20th century art movements, trends and traditions.
9 Bank of America predecessor banks C&S and NATIONSBank at 1901 Main St. hosted several exhibitions of the collection in 1991, 1994 and 1995.
10 In 1988 a retrospective exhibition opened as the INAUGURAL exhibition for the South Carolina State Museum.
12 Seven RETROSPECTIVE exhibitions of the collection were organized in 1972, 1980, 1988, 1997, 2006, 2012, 2017 as a review of the totality of the collection at that point when the exhibitions were organized.
14 There are two ways for works to be acquired for the collection: through purchases and GIFTS.  The current practice for gifts is to accept gifts of works by artists who are represented in the collection at the time of the offer of the gift. One of the original purposes of the State Art Collection is to support living South Carolina artists by purchasing works for the collection.
17 In 1997, in partnership with the S.C. Arts Commission, the S.C. State Museum organized an exhibition of the collection. Titled Signs of CONTEMPORARY Art, the exhibition traveled to the Franklin G. Burroughs/Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum in Myrtle Beach.
19 Twenty works from the State Art Collection were selected and included in Volti Del Sud, an exhibition featuring contemporary art from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The 1984 exhibition took place in ROME, Italy.
20 In order to improve best practices and industry standards for governing the collection, the State Art Collection Acquisitions Committee and staff occasionally AMEND the State Art Collection policy. It is the only discipline-based program with a policy that sets the operational and administrative functions that govern the program.
21 The State Art Collection: 1987-2006 (Part I and II) was exhibited in two installments in 2006 at the Sumter Gallery of Art (now the Sumter County Gallery of Art) and Patriot Hall Galleries in SUMTER.
22 From 1987 to 1993, the collection was STORED at the S.C. State Museum while under the custodianship and management of the S.C. Arts Commission.
23 Due to state budget cuts in 2002, purchases for the collection were SUSPENDED.
24 The more than 269 works acquired for the collection during the first 20 years (1967-1987) represent approximately 58% of works in the collection making this 20-year period the PEAK of art acquisitions.
1 The collection is considered the FOREMOST body of works by contemporary South Carolina artists due to its systematic and focused collecting practices for more than 50 years.  The purpose of the State Art Collection program is to create a collection of historic importance and cultural vitality for the people of South Carolina that will serve as a tool to help promote the state and its cultural resources on the state, regional, national and international levels; to make available to citizens throughout the state the best work of the state’s contemporary artists; and to encourage and support the creative visual artists of South Carolina.
3 The collection was under the management of the GREENVILLE County Museum of Art from 1972-1973.
4 Two CATALOGUES, 1967- 1987 and 1987-2006, document the works in the collection. Works acquired after 2006 will be included in the next publication.
5 The ACQUISITION process allows for both purchases and gifts of works by artists already in the collection.
6 On June 7, 1967, Gov. Robert E. MCNAIR signed legislation that established the S.C. Arts Commission, an autonomous state agency charged with guiding the development of the arts.  The State Art Collection was established in 1967 as one of the first programs of the Arts Commission.
11 With 50 works in the collection by 1972, the Greenville County Museum was able to show the collection in its ENTIRETY while under its management.
13 Two State Art Collection Study Committees have been formed to EXAMINE the collection. The 1979 committee reviewed the efficacy of the State Art Collection Policies and Procedures. In 1989-1990 two separate committees (State Art Collection and S.C. Arts Commission Annual Exhibition) were established to look at the collection’s relationship to the exhibition. The Annual Exhibition which was established in 1976 served as the primary source for purchasing works for the collection. The 1989-1990 committees’ findings and recommendations to the board resulted in the severance of ties between the two programs.
15 From time to time the S.C. Arts Commission seeks guidance from constituents including laypeople and arts professionals to make recommendations to the board about State Art Collection. These constituents form COMMITTEES that report back to the Arts Commission.
16 A 1980 retrospective exhibition opened at the I.P. STANBACK Museum at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg.
18 After purchases were suspended in 2002, they resumed in 2012.

Selected works from the State Art Collection

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