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Jugnu Verma

SCAD ID - #152

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Certified Teaching Artist

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  • Visual Art
  • Folklife/Traditional Arts

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  • Midlands


Jugnu Verma grew up in BIHAR, the STATE of the Madhubani region in northern India.The state, part of Mithila, carries a rich pastel of cultural legacy in art and literature.Artistic interests led Jugnu to seek out practitioners of the art from local artists and learn directly from them. Now she practices, popularizesand teaching the art in the U.S.A.Teaching various Indian FOLK art Form such as Madhubani painting, Lippan art, Warli Art, Rangoli, Mixed Media at Columbia Art center.Henna Tattoo at Columbia Museum of Art.Worked at South Carolina State Museum as an EDUCATOR and was on the team of ‘Beyond Bollywood’ Exhibition.


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Karen Murphy

Corley Mill Road Studio/ Art Teacher

Jugnu is passionate about Indian folk art and her interest inspires others. She was well prepared and happy to share her skills and vision with others.

(June 26, 2021)

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