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Primary contact: Phillip Michael Gilchrist

Phillip’s foray into music was when he, at the age of 7, began playing and singing for two churches in his local community. Phillip’s study and natural ability in music evolved overtime to embrace performances, producing and composing music that made him an authority in the areas of music producing, composing and arranging.

Phillip is the founder of MP Productions and the executor of TrueScale Records. He started MP Productions in 2016 as a full-scale music production company, working with up and coming musicians to teach piano, drums, guitar, brass, music production, music composition, music theory, and vocal training. Phillip’s belief is that “It is important for a musician to understand how to put it all together, break it down, and put it all back together again with SKILL. MP Productions strives to perfect the music in ‘YOU’ recognizing that music is an ART… and it is the ARTIST that MP Productions seeks to develop.”

In 2019, Phillip took his skills and the principles of masterful recording and producing music to a whole new level by launching a major record label in the United States. TrueScale Records is an international record label identifying real talent in the music entrepreneurial space with the goal of signing talented musical entrepreneurs.

Phillip believes the next renaissance of the music industry is to complement the streaming world by preserving the integrity of the Independent and Entrepreneurial artist and return the art of music back to its roots.