Rolf Anthony Young


Charleston County, SC


  • Media Arts
  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • Design Arts

Geographical Availability

  • Low Country


Artist Bio:

Rolf Anthony Young is a mixed media artist living on James Island, in Charleston, South Carolina. Rolf is an artist that uses different mediums to express all his creative energy that finds outlets in collage, digital media, paintings, and fashion. Rolf believes in not limiting his artistic practice and searches for answers within his artwork through experimentation with equipment, techniques, and materials. For Rolf, making an artwork is a devotion of the mind, spirit, and soul of the artist. Born in Vienna, Austria, as a young child Rolf lived in London, New York City, Connecticut, and South Carolina. Rolf spent his formative years in Reston, Virginia where he attended South Lakes High School. After graduating from South Lakes, Rolf studied fine arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and earned a BFA in Sculpture & Extended Media; a 2001 graduate. Rolf launched his website LoW BiT LoGiC in 2014 with a focus on showcasing his electronic music and videos. It was not until 2016, while living in Los Angeles, California that his passion for art making was reborn. Rolf has exhibited in Northern and Southern California; Raleigh, North Carolina and the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Rolf is the recipient of an Emerging Artist Grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission, for the year 2023, and in 2019, Rolf was awarded an artist scholarship from the Los Angeles Art Association.

Artist Statement:

I believe that making an artwork is a devotion of the mind, spirit and soul of the artist. Each of these entities must work together to create a cohesive work. I love to experiment with equipment, techniques, and materials within my artwork. Through these experiments, I have developed a narrative that speaks to the finished and unfinished surface of the painting while introducing three-dimensional elements to provoke a unique way of viewing the 2D picture plane. This fascinates me as an artist. I express this narrative throughout all my artwork, in the collages I make and the digital media I create. I often decode my experiences in life into abstract works of art. After living and working in Los Angeles, California, I became aware of how important my environment is to my work. The abandon industrial spaces that litter LA where a source of immediate inspiration. Living now in Charleston, South Carolina, I focus my energy on how the complexity of Southern history is documented and preserved while modern infrastructure transforms the South. The narrative of contemporary life in the South is a strange mix of colonial and modern tastes sharing the same space. There is something wonderfully bizarre about this that I want to investigate in my artwork. The work of Basquiat, John Baldessari, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Joan Mitchell, Nam June Paik, Mark Bradford, David Hammons and Shepard Fairey have all been an influence on me as an artist. I believe any material can submit to the desire of the artist, if the artist is willing to allow the unexpected to occur. The future is unknown, and it is what I do in the present moment that satisfies my goals as an artist.