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Susan Natale, a Certified Drum (Djembe) Instructor, received her certificate at Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy (Winston – Salem, N.C.), a branch of the International School founded by Mamady Keita. She has studied with Grand Masters Mamady Keita and Bolokada Conde and has the privilege of performing with Bolokada at Anderson University. She has plans to travel with Bolokada to Guinea, West Africa in January 2019. Susan continues to study in Winston – Salem and is the administrative assistant for the current drum instructor graduate classes there. Susan founded SEWA Drum School in 2014.SEWA means joy in the West African language, Malinke.Her mission is to spread joy through the djembe.She currently teaches traditional rhythms to adults and children (ages 6 and up).Susan also has a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and a Montessori Early Childhood Certification.The pedagogy she uses is multi-sensory to accommodate all learning styles. Lessons are broken into simplified parts and repeated often to develop mastery. West African drumming introduces students to a culture and music deeply rooted in tradition and has many health benefits including: confidence building, teamwork, cross-lateral movement, muscle coordination, inner tranquility, and joy.